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Frying pan – Hutchison – Fire

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 20, 2009

King County Executive candidate Susan Hutchison’s media career with KIRO TV ended on a sour note. When she was replaced in 2002 as anchor of the evening news, she filed a discrimination suit. After a three year battle, the suit was settled and the records sealed. Hutchinson signed a confidentiality agreement. The Seattle Times, in a July 16, 2009 editorial, demanded that she release the records of the case and filed suit to enforce their view.

This is the kind of political fodder opponents love to wallow in. She refuses to open the files and the question is “What is she hiding?” The speculators will have an innuendo field day. Agree to make the files public and the “next questioners”, “second guessers” and “Monday morning quarterbacks” come out to play. There are not enough words in the dictionary to explain to everyone’s satisfaction the reasons behind any confidential settlement especially in the few short months of a political campaign. Just look at the conspiracy theories that pop up after any news event.

Ahead in the polls, Hutchison will face one of the four elected politicians in November. Of course, he will ask that the issue of her lawsuit not be used in the campaign. Take the high road knowing full well that the media old and new will carry the mud.


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