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Barack Obama was born in ….?

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 27, 2009

News Flash! Barack Hussein Obama was not born in Kenya or Hawaii but on a grassy knoll in Dallas or possibly at Graceland in Memphis. No, really, just as some expected, he was born in Bethlehem, ….Pennsylvania.

Obama not born in the USA; this story is covered thoroughly in Wikipedia but save yourself some time and as with all conspiracy theories consider the ludicrous lengths the conspirators would have to go to pull off such a hoax. Proving conclusively his lack of citizenship would overwhelm even the skills of CSI New York and Miami combined.

But let’s say the “Birthers” were successful in disqualifying Obama from holding the office of President. How long would it take for two thirds of the House and Senate and three fourths of the state legislatures, in response to national and international outrage, to approve a retroactive amendment to the Constitution allowing a non native-born citizen to be President; maybe a week, two at the most?

Before anyone gets too excited about the possibility of removing Obama from the Oval Office over the authenticity of a birth certificate, consider who would replace him. Read the Constitution and U.S. law which specifies the order of succession to the Presidency if the office is vacated by death, resignation or inability to serve. The next four in line are one, VP Joe Biden (get serious); two, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (get even more serious); three, the President Pro Tem of the Senate, 92 year old Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia and yes, coming in fourth but standing at the ready, Madam Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Better to spend one’s time working to wrest control of the House from the Democrats in 2010. That would put a check on Obama’s leftist ambitions until 2012 when the people can vote for “Change” again.


One Response to “Barack Obama was born in ….?”

  1. Tom Barnes said

    Hear, Hear and Amen!!

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