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Limbaugh on the Today Show

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, in the news of late because he is part of a group bidding on ownership of the St. Louis Rams, never fails to drive the Left into frothing, sputtering hysteria. He rarely gives interviews but recently, he allowed Jamie Gangel of NBC News to tape a two-part interview that was shown on NBC’s Today Show. The first lasted just over twelve minutes and the second under six.

Love him or hate him or never really listened to him, the interviews are worth watching. I like to say Rush is foremost an entertainer with occasional gems of wisdom. Click on the blue below. It will take you to Rush’s web site where you will find videos of the interviews as well as transcripts

Enjoy: Rush Limbaugh One-on-One


One Response to “Limbaugh on the Today Show”

  1. zunedita373 said

    Man, those JibJab guys crack me up.

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