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ObamaCare to a Country Tune

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 22, 2009

Thanks Joe M. for this one; a sure fire Country Music Awards Winner.

Just click on Ray Stevens.


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A New Theory on Why Tiger Woods Played Out of Bounds

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 13, 2009

There’s much talk about why Tiger Woods would need mistresses when he has a drop dead gorgeous wife. Some have attributed it to the “Madonna-Whore Syndrome” where a man marries an accomplished woman for a wife/mother but seeks sexual gratification elsewhere. Al Gore’s 2000 running mate John Edwards and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford are two examples from the world of politics.

Tiger, however, plays in the high pressure on mind and body arena of sports. Consider his smooth swing, his ability to focus solely on the game, his competitive nature and you will see the source of his infidelity. Obviously, Elin, with two small children at home, could not follow Tiger on the tour. With all the scandals around baseball with steroids, he no doubt wanted to avoid them. Bimbo sex was the answer, just the thing to release all his pre game jitters without bothering his wife. Mr. Cool on the links thanks to those selfless women who only wanted the best for his career.

So let’s give the Tiger a break. It wasn’t his fault. He was only trying to stay on top. Six months in rehab and maybe a little Oxycontin and he’ll be fine.

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Senator Patty Murray’s 2010 Republican Opponent?

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 5, 2009

Almost three decades ago, when Washington State was Red, Republicans held both Senate seats with Slade Gorton who upset Warren Magnuson in 1980 and Dan Evans who was appointed in 1983 due to the death of Henry Jackson. Gorton lost reelection to Congressman Brock Adams in 1986 but made a come back in 1988 when Evans declined to seek reelection and Gorton won the Jackson/Evans seat. Since Gorton’s narrow loss to former Congresswoman Maria Cantwell in 2000, the GOP has been shut out despite running well qualified candidates – Congressman George Nethercutt against Murray in 2004 and Safeco CEO Mike McGavick against Cantwell in 2006.

Seattle Times columnist Joni Balter recites the recent history of Republican efforts to regain at least one of the State’s U.S. Senate seats. She rightly notes that Republicans have been crushed in the last two Senate elections and don’t appear to be developing a viable 2010 challenger to three term Democrat Senator Patty Murray. She dismisses three well known names: Susan Hutchison (just lost the race for King County Executive), Congressman Dave Reichert (why risk losing his Congressional seat to a Democrat) and Attorney General Rob McKenna (wants to run for Governor). In all, Balter paints a gloomy picture of Republican prospects against Murray.

So far, five candidates that seem to be Republican have web sites indicating interest in running for Murray’s seat: a chiropractor, a former pro football player, a long haul truck driver, a motivational speaker and an energy trader. None would appear to have the political base or fund raising capability to become viable candidates. One source said Cantwell spent $14 million to beat McGavick (at $10.8 million) in the 2006 race. Through the first three months of 2009, Senator Murray reportedly had over $3.2 million cash in the bank for 2010. To mount a credible challenge, it would cost what, ten, fifteen million dollars or more?

Still, Murray could be beaten. How? First, nationalize the campaign. Focus on the Democrat’s profligate spending, opposition to Obamacare, Democrat proposed tax increases, failure of the administration policies on employment, the economy, the climate and international relations. Tie Murray to all these issues. Make bringing home the pork, at which she excels, a negative because it is bankrupting the country. As a sycophant of Obama/Reid/Pelosi, point out that she shares the blame for the unsettled and fearful state of the nation. Appeal to those who support term limits; eighteen years as a senator is enough. Put her on the defensive.

Second, find a candidate with proven electability, a political base, ability to raise money and willing to go for the jugular. Three come to mind, at least for the first three requirements – County Council members Kathy Lambert and Reagan Dunn and Sheriff Sue Rahr. All of them were reelected last November. Even if they lost, a run for the Senate would give them statewide exposure for the 2012 elections.

An extremely steep uphill battle, no question, but politics is a fickle business, just ask Hillary Clinton. Voter disillusionment with the “change” they got in 2008 may offer the GOP an opportunity in 2010.

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Barack of Afghanistan

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 2, 2009

With apologies to the Grand old Duke of York:

The grand old Duke Barack, he had 30,000 men
He marched them to Afghanistan then marched them back again.

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Tech Support in History

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 1, 2009

If you own a computer you probably have had to use tech support to fix a problem or walk you through how to use the dammed thing. Don’t feel alone. The need for tech support is worldwide and centuries old. This Scandinavian video has been around for a few years but in case you missed it, click on Tech Support and smile.

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Obama’s Slush Fund

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh (sorry Rush Haters but he’s right on this one) made a jaw dropping point on his radio show today. About half to three quarters of the $787,000,000,000 (that’s seven hundred eighty seven billion dollars) stimulus package money is yet unspent. That is enough money to give every incumbent Democrat Representative and Senator at least $1,000,000,000 (that’s one billion dollars) to promote their reelection. Just toe the Obama line on health care, cap and trade, pro union card check, civil trials for non-combatants etc. and reap the benefits for your district or state and accolades from grateful constituents. No clearer example of this exists than what has been called the “Second Louisiana Purchase”. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) secured a $300,000,000 commitment from Obama via Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in exchange for her “yes” vote on healthcare. Now there are no signed letters, no e-mails, no video tape showing an exchange of money for her vote but we all know the walks like, talks like a duck analogy.

Every incumbant, Republican or Democrat, that runs on how much pork he or she brought home should be sent home. When elections are lost on this issue, we may start to get our fiscal house in order.

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Speaking of Republican Candidates!

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 1, 2009

Election year 2010 will be very interesting especially if Republicans field candidates like Lt. Col. Allen West. Watch a video of him speaking at what appears to be a campaign rally. He’d be a shock to the Congressional Black Caucus (Republicans not welcome).

November 2, 2010 can’t come soon enough.

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