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A New Theory on Why Tiger Woods Played Out of Bounds

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 13, 2009

There’s much talk about why Tiger Woods would need mistresses when he has a drop dead gorgeous wife. Some have attributed it to the “Madonna-Whore Syndrome” where a man marries an accomplished woman for a wife/mother but seeks sexual gratification elsewhere. Al Gore’s 2000 running mate John Edwards and South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford are two examples from the world of politics.

Tiger, however, plays in the high pressure on mind and body arena of sports. Consider his smooth swing, his ability to focus solely on the game, his competitive nature and you will see the source of his infidelity. Obviously, Elin, with two small children at home, could not follow Tiger on the tour. With all the scandals around baseball with steroids, he no doubt wanted to avoid them. Bimbo sex was the answer, just the thing to release all his pre game jitters without bothering his wife. Mr. Cool on the links thanks to those selfless women who only wanted the best for his career.

So let’s give the Tiger a break. It wasn’t his fault. He was only trying to stay on top. Six months in rehab and maybe a little Oxycontin and he’ll be fine.


One Response to “A New Theory on Why Tiger Woods Played Out of Bounds”

  1. Tom Barnes said

    A very interesting perspective. Just a little help to keep him cool and score the best. A real winner, he is.

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