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Obamacare – Will It Fail to Pass?

Posted by Warren Peterson on January 9, 2010

President Obama on the campaign trail promised an open, bi-partisan reform of the health care system. Perhaps the “bi” referred to the internal debates, bribes and threats within the Democratic Party. And the “open”? The two health care reform bills, House and Senate, are being integrated into one by the Democratic leadership – behind closed doors. Expect white smoke above the Capitol Building signaling the crafting of a final bill. Next, the Dems will try to use their super majorities in Congress to ram through another unread multi thousand page bill sometime before the January 19 special election in Massachusetts to fill the late Teddy Kennedy’s seat. Should the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, win, out goes the 60 vote Democrat strangle hold on the Senate and Obamacare just might be shelved until the 2010 congressional election campaign where the Democrats will blame Republicans and George W. Bush for their failure to pass reform.

Democratic control of Congress does not assure passage of any “consensus” legislation. The House Republican Conference has produced a paper, “Issues to Be Resolved Between Pelosi and Reid Health Care Bills”, delineating the thorny issues that would need to be resolved between the House and Senate bills if the Democrats have any hope of seeing a Rose Garden Presidential signing ceremony. Don’t be surprised, however, if chameleons Obama, Pelosi and Reid with a strong dose of Chicago Style politics pull it off.


One Response to “Obamacare – Will It Fail to Pass?”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    Remember the “Know Nothing” political party of the 1850’s? I think we have a modern version, with a slight change in spelling: the “NO, Nothing!” party, aka GOP. Senator McConnell says he does not want health care reform, yet he howls about the deficit. Hello? Is the “NO,Nothing!” party gathering steam? Here’s a good Blog-bite from James Kwak on Tuesday’s MA election:

    “The health care bills now passed by both houses include, at the urging of CBO’s Orszag and the administration, the most serious proposals ever put forward in Congress to curb the long-term growth of health care costs. In other words, no administration in the last few decades has tried as hard as this one to solve our nation’s main long-term fiscal problem (although they bungled their management of the financial crisis and financial reform).

    And what do they get for their efforts? Popular backlash against “big government” and “deficits” and Scott Brown in the Senate (although Martha Coakley had a lot to do with the latter). If politicians were actually serious about deficits, they would vote for health care reform 100-0 in the Senate. And pigs would fly.”

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