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Rethinking Senator Murray’s Shoe-in Status

Posted by Warren Peterson on January 24, 2010

I wrote a post recently essentially agreeing with the conventional wisdom that Senator Patty Murray is unbeatable given the Republicans who have announced or are considering running for her Senate seat. While I thought with a well known, well funded, experienced candidate there was a possible path to defeating her next November, it still would be an uphill battle. Then came a new cry from the cradle of the American Revolution, little known Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown crashed his pickup through the gates of the Kennedy compound, ran over the shoe-in Democrat candidate and set in motion what may well be the greatest political reversal in American history.

Senate seats across country, once considered safe, became the “people’s seats” and vulnerable. New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Nevada, California and now Washington are in play, perhaps others too. The unimaginable just a few days ago, Republican takeover of the Senate, has moved into the realm of possibility. Of course, Republicans would have to hold all their seats and run the table to add ten more for the magic 51 total. Karl Rove thinks Republicans have a shot at a five to eight seat gain. To reach ten, Washington would have to turn Red.

A well known talk show host speculated that if Susan Hutchison ran and was able to hold the same King County vote she got in her losing race for King County Executive, her support in the rest of the state would carry her to victory over Murray. I’m not sure she’d be interested in another down and dirty campaign so soon after the Executive race.

Among the six or so lesser known to unknown candidates, Chris Widener, has professional speaking ability and a very large potential contributor list from which he hopes to raise a significant war chest. If he catches a new wave of change rolling across the nation, he may be the Scott Brown of the West come November 2, 2010.


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