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Obamacare, It Ain’t Over Until January 3, 2011

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 12, 2010

Democrats want anything that can be legitimately called historic heath care reform so badly they can taste it. It is just a problem of definition of what constitutes reform. Right now it is the Senate version of Obamacare but solid Republican opposition, significant public hostility, left wing demand for single payer, pro and con on abortion coverage appear to be preventing Madam Speaker Pelosi from garnering the votes to pass the Senate bill in the House. If she can horse trade or coerce enough Blue Dog Democrats and liberals with doubts to get the bill passed, Obama will sign it. Once law, it will be with us forever. Even if Republicans win back both the House (possible) and Senate (only if the stars align), they will not have enough votes to override an Obama veto of repeal. A Republican sweep in 2012 will still leave two years to collect Obamacare taxes, set roots deep in the bureaucracy and fundamentally change the health care industry in America.

It is only March. The threat continues not just until the November 2 elections but all the way to January 3, 2011 when, hopefully, Mr. Speaker Boehner will preside. The danger is the end of summer yellow jacket phenomenon; can’t feed, will die soon but still can sting. What is the chance House Democrats, losers, and survivors about to be in the minority, will convince themselves that political immortality lies in passing Obamacare in a lame duck session of Congress?



One Response to “Obamacare, It Ain’t Over Until January 3, 2011”

  1. Fred Churchill said

    Political power (and the wealth/influence it generates)is unquestionably more important in this country than sound Policy, and it has been this way since the Nixon administration. “The American people”, as referred to so frequently by the GOP/Fox propaganda machine will continue to be screwed by a failure in health care reform. Sadly, many intelligent people continue to fuel our problems by focusing on the national power politics instead of the genuine needs of American citizens. Congress (Democrats and Republicans) does not have the cojones to pass and enforce effective financial market reforms, energy policy reforms, health care reforms and so many other issues requiring immediate attention to avoid damaging continuation of problems. Greed and power wins, American people lose. This nation is screwing itself, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Recommended Sunday therapeutic reading:

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