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U.S. Senate Race – The Thinning Starts

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 27, 2010

The Republican field narrowed by one with Chris Widener’s withdrawal from the race. That still leaves ten announced Republicans with possible number 11, the big elephant in the room, Dino Rossi, still playing coy about his intentions. If Rossi gets in, it is expected the other challengers would bow out except Paul Akers who says he’s running regardless of what Rossi does. Aside from Rossi, Akers, with personal funds, and Clint Didier, with Bellevue developer Kemper Freeman as his finance chair, look like the best hope for raising the money to match Senator Murray’s bulging war chest. This will not be another tilting with a windmill year for Republicans, Murray is in trouble. Akers, Didier, Dr. Art Coday and State Senator Don Benton are all claiming to be close to Murray in the polls.

Rossi would clearly be the Republicans best hope IF, after losing two quests for Governor, his heart is really in the race. Governor Gregoire cleaned his clock in the 2008 gubernatorial debates on TV. While Patty Murray is no Chris Gregoire, she is often “misunderestimated”. She’s a tough campaigner who has co-opted veterans’ groups, brought home the bacon and supports Boeing. It will be a down and dirty race as evidenced by Democrat preemptive anti Rossi ads and web sites already in the media.

Filing closes June 11 but that is too long to wait for Republicans to unite behind a single candidate willing and able to defeat the “Mom in Tennis Shoes”. It will take all the time between now and November 2 to convince a majority of Washington voters that they are not well served by a tax and spend liberal. It’s decision time Dino!

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One Response to “U.S. Senate Race – The Thinning Starts”

  1. Edel Sokol said

    June 11,sign up day
    11 candidates are still left standing
    with a possible Rossi candidate = 12 candidates
    Who can possible forget the dog and pony show with 10 to 15 GOP candidates for governor in 1995!!!!
    Result? DEFEAT!
    June 11, is soon enough to declare -should Rossi decide to run.
    Get over it take a deep breath and let the show begin on June 11,

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