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Obama’s Katrina on Steriods

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 2, 2010

An opinion piece in the July 2, 2010 Wall Street Journal by Prof. Paul Rubin will set your head spinning. The next time you hear someone bash Bush for his response to Katrina, show them this: Why is the Gulf cleanup so slow?

On the Gulf oil spill disaster, Obama said he is looking for “for whose ass to kick”. Look around Mr. President. There appear to be enough in Washington, D.C. to keep your foot busy for weeks.


One Response to “Obama’s Katrina on Steriods”

  1. Dave said

    Last time I checked, there was no way to prevent a hurricane. However the predictions for just such a disaster and what to do to mitigate one’s impact on New Orleans had been consistently ignored by shrub and his yahoo buddies for years.

    This disaster was TOTALLY preventable if shrub’s big oil buddies had followed the rules of basic engineering design and installation of a blowout preventer that would fail safe instead of fail OPEN! Then there wouldn’t be anything to clean up!

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