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Rename the Department of the Navy

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 5, 2010

There is a bill in Congress to rename the Department of the Navy to The Department of the Navy and the Marine Corps.

Why stop there? Merge the departments of the Army and the Air Force into the Navy department too. After all, who needs the Army and Air Force when our Navy has its own ground pounders (Marines), Air Force (carriers) and ballistic missiles (submarines)? Think about how much money could be saved by eliminating two large bureaucracies.

Sure there would be some implementing costs, such as changing the Air Force song from “… nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force.” to “… nothing can stop a carrier air wing.” but they could be phased in as necessary. Besides, we could just adopt an existing version of the Navy Hymn that pays homage to “those in peril” on the land, in the air as well as those on the sea.

Go Navy!

Write your Congressman.


One Response to “Rename the Department of the Navy”

  1. Fredc said

    Great idea. We could cut the Defense budget by $100B a year and dramatically improve the efficiency of the military. However, I’m not sure that the generals, colonels and sergeants of the AF and Army would be happy in dress whites and blues and being addressed as admiral, commander and chief petty officer!

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