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Clint Didier, A Classless Act

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 21, 2010

Losing candidate Clint Didier held a press conference today to announce he is not going to endorse the winner, Dino Rossi, for the U.S. Senate unless Dino pledges to block new federal spending, oppose any tax increases and introduce the “Sanctity of Life” act in the Senate. The two Republicans did meet after the election but apparently Rossi did not pass Didier’s 100% purity test.

Okay Clint, I know from experience it is hard to lose an election especially when one has put their heart and soul into the effort. But this election was not even close, game over. Throw your helmet on the ground, kick in a few lockers, utter some expletives but then buck up, go back on the field, and congratulate the victor of the “Republican Conference” and pledge your support in the November 2 “Super Bowl.”

Don’t think your game plan can beat Murray. It didn’t work in the Primary and won’t win the General. You define arrogance with your “tough coach” talk to Rossi after getting your ample behind kicked all over the field last Tuesday.

Show some class like Senate candidate Paul Akers who endorsed Rossi on election night. Show you are a man of your word when you pledged at numerous events that you would support the nominee of the Republican Party. Show you are politically astute enough to realize a non-endorsement of Dino says you don’t care if Patti Murray is reelected. Show you are a team player ready for a future run for office. Show you are man enough to admit you acted irrationally and upon reflection announce your unqualified support for Dino Rossi. Show some leadership, the stakes are far too high to sit on the sidelines.

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Controlling Immigration

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 15, 2010

Carlos Hernandez, apparently an illegal immigrant from Mexico, recently fled Arizona and its new immigration law for Washington State. He now lives with his wife and son in Burien. His picture and accompanying article is on the front page of the Seattle Times (August 14, 2010). He moved to Washington for two reasons: It is a safer place for undocumented aliens and one can get a drivers license without having to answer any annoying questions about citizenship.

The story fairly screams, “Come and get me ICE!” * But they won’t. Imagine if the story was about Carlos having a dozen outstanding traffic tickets. The police would be at his door before you could shout “revenue shortfall.”

Mr. Hernandez is not stupid, not brash nor taunting the system, he simply has no fear of arrest and deportation. And he’s probably right. According to the article, he recognizes it was wrong to sneak into the county but he rationalizes his action by saying now that he is here he wants to contribute and follow the rules. With the exception of the “sneak in” part, he probably does.

He is a symbol of an intractable problem, immigration control and reform. We know how to secure borders – money, technology and manpower – but what to do about the Hernandez’s of this world is not so easily resolved, particularly for those who have been here for years and especially in an election year.

* Immigration And Customs Enforcement

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Bush Welcomes Troops Today

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 12, 2010

I saw this on Drudge – George and Laura Bush great troops at Dallas airport – and had to pass it on. Bush had to deal with some serious challenges, just as Obama does now, and like Obama and every prior president, he made some mistakes. Nevertheless, I have a gut feeling the people would trade BHO for GWB in a heart beat (see Comments below photo). Obama is a great speaker, a Pied Piper, but is leading the country, like lemmings, off a cliff. While we can’t go back, we can look forward to election day 2012. And we can begin to pave the way on election day 2010.

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Thinking About Clint

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 6, 2010

There is an outside chance Republicans could gain ten seats in the U.S. Senate for a 51-49 majority. It depends on rising public discontent and the stars aligning but also on holding a Republican seat in Kentucky, and winning Nevada, California and Washington. Lose any of these races and game over.

Should Clint Didier capture one of the top two positions in the August 17 primary, Republicans will be offering (with the exception of California with Carly Fiorina), the rightest of right candidates in Washington, Kentucky (Rand Paul) and Nevada (Sharron Angle). Didier, Paul and Angle all have controversial views on subjects ranging from the environment (global warming) to cabinet offices like Energy and Education (abolish) to UN membership (get out) to the war in Afghanistan. If political campaigns were serious discussions of issues, there are good arguments for their positions but unfortunately the real world does not work that way. They all have made numerous statements that taken out of context and sometimes in context will be fodder for devastating negative ads.

Mr. Didier favors reducing regulations on business and a return to the gold standard.* Again, there are arguments for his views but just imagine two Patty Murray assault ads: 1. Pictures of fat cat Wall Street bankers and BP oil executives under a banner “Clint Didier doesn’t want any regulations on business.” and 2. A letter signed by Nobel winning economists and financial experts saying how foolish and dangerous going back to the depression era gold standard would be for the economy.

Responding to such ads will cost money, lots it. Didier has raised only $600,000 and thinks he can produce a winning campaign spending $4 million.* Like it or not, that is far short of what it will take to turnout an incumbent Senator with an unlimited war chest.

The concern is Clint Didier will be another Ellen Craswell. A sitting State Senator, ideologically similar to Didier, Craswell won the 1996 Republican primary race for Governor with just over 15% of the vote. Unable to garner enough support beyond her conservative base, she lost the General election by 16 percentage points to Gary Locke.

If Senator Murray was a shoo-in as in elections past, nominate Clint Didier and let him get some campaign experience. But this year the “Mom in tennis shoes” is vulnerable. We need to select the Republican candidate with the best chance of beating her. It’s not Clint Didier. It’s not Paul Akers either. Although a good candidate, his campaign never really got off the ground.

The one candidate who is conservative, has campaign experience, can raise money, can attract enough independent and conservative Democrats to out poll Murray is Dino Rossi. He is the odds-on favorite to win the primary after which every conservative, libertarian and Republican must strongly unite behind Rossi and drive a stake into the heart of the Obama agenda.

Two years from now, let’s see a smarter, wiser and politically savvier Clint Didier or Paul Akers in the hunt to replace Washington’s other problem Senator, Maria Cantwell.

* Comments to 46th District Republicans, July 26, 2010

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