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Clint Didier, A Classless Act

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 21, 2010

Losing candidate Clint Didier held a press conference today to announce he is not going to endorse the winner, Dino Rossi, for the U.S. Senate unless Dino pledges to block new federal spending, oppose any tax increases and introduce the “Sanctity of Life” act in the Senate. The two Republicans did meet after the election but apparently Rossi did not pass Didier’s 100% purity test.

Okay Clint, I know from experience it is hard to lose an election especially when one has put their heart and soul into the effort. But this election was not even close, game over. Throw your helmet on the ground, kick in a few lockers, utter some expletives but then buck up, go back on the field, and congratulate the victor of the “Republican Conference” and pledge your support in the November 2 “Super Bowl.”

Don’t think your game plan can beat Murray. It didn’t work in the Primary and won’t win the General. You define arrogance with your “tough coach” talk to Rossi after getting your ample behind kicked all over the field last Tuesday.

Show some class like Senate candidate Paul Akers who endorsed Rossi on election night. Show you are a man of your word when you pledged at numerous events that you would support the nominee of the Republican Party. Show you are politically astute enough to realize a non-endorsement of Dino says you don’t care if Patti Murray is reelected. Show you are a team player ready for a future run for office. Show you are man enough to admit you acted irrationally and upon reflection announce your unqualified support for Dino Rossi. Show some leadership, the stakes are far too high to sit on the sidelines.

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  1. people are stupid

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