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Gov. Christie Takes On the Teacher’s Union

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 12, 2010

In 2009, Chris Christie was elected Governor of New Jersey ending the re-election bid of the Wall Street multi-millionaire Democrat incumbent, John Corzine. Christie, along with Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Bob McDonnell of Virginia, was part of the advance guard for the coming Republican blitzkrieg in November 2010.

New Jersey was in the same financial crisis league as California when Christie took office. As governor, he is making the tough decisions necessary to halt the state’s financial decline and balance the budget. No surprise but he is facing vigorous opposition from special interest groups, in particular, the teacher’s union. The below You Tube video shows a teacher berating the governor claiming his administration has “done nothing but lambast” the schools. Governor Christie’s straightforward reply should cause cheers around the country. If science could only clone him, we could use a governor like him in the State of Washington, as could California, Illinois, New York and probably a dozen or more other states around the nation.

Gov. Christie on You Tube


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