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Political Egos

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 18, 2010

Once elected to a political office, many politicians are infected by egophoma, a belief they hold office by divine right. There has been an unusually virulent strain in this year’s election season. Some are cured by tea. Others are too far gone.

In Alaska, a “loyal” Republican is rejecting the will of the party voters and striking out on her own. Senator Lisa Murkowski, after losing her re-election primary to Joe Miller, has decided she is so indispensable that she will continue her race with a write-in campaign. She joins another disgruntled senatorial candidate, Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, who seeing his hopes of winning the Republican primary fade against fellow Republican Marco Rubio, decided to run as an independent. Republicans are not alone in such charades. The best recent Democrat example is “Change in party will enable me to be re-elected” Arlen Specter. As it turned out, Spector lost the Democrat primary anyway. May a similar fate await Crist and Murkowski on November 2nd. In Washington and Delaware, the second place Republican finishers in the primaries have not endorsed their opponents but at least they have not muddied the waters by launching write-in campaigns that only serve to help the Democrat candidates.

Remember Reagan’s 11th Commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” And perhaps we should add: “If you lose a primary, you lose. Wait a couple of years and try again.”


One Response to “Political Egos”

  1. komodo_dragon said

    Don’t forget, Paul Castle in Delaware, who lost to Tea Party supprted Christine O’Donnell. The entire Republican party has apparently decided tobe a “classless” act and refuse to support her. Even Karl Rove was acting like a whiny little sore loser after the loss.

    I guess it isn’t JUST Tea Partiers that can be “classless acts”…..

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