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How Many Aircraft Carriers in the U.S. Navy?

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 26, 2010

Take a guess. How many aircraft carriers does the United States Navy have? Check your answer and read a Forbes magazine article by Steve Cohen at: Carriers.

Expensive to build, costly to operate, increasingly difficult to defend in the missile age but when we need to project armed power quickly, they are indispensable.


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The Debates on C-SPAN

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 15, 2010

After watching three and a half hours tonight of candidate debates on computer and TV, my eyes have glazed over and my head aches. Starting in Delaware with yesterday’s ninety-minute debate between Chris Coons (D) and Christine O’Donnell (R), then on to Nevada for sixty minutes of Harry Reid and Sharron Angle and closing with our own Dino Rossi vs. Patty Murray in Spokane, C-SPAN had them all.

Christine O’Donnell more than held her own. She was articulate, on message, personable and nothing like Democrats and more than a few Republican politicians and pundits portrayed her after her upset Primary victory. Her opponent came across as a typical candidate trying to work his way up the political ladder to a higher-level political job. (Elected to the New Castle County Council in 2000, he ran sucessfully for County Executive in 2004.) In a normal year, in a Blue state like Delaware he’d be a shoe in but in this abnormal year O’Donnell did offer a viable alternative to those voters concerned about the direction of the country. Watch the debate on: C-SPAN Delaware Senate Debate

The Nevada debate was like watching a preliminary bout between two has-beens before the main event. Angle gets a “No Decision” only because the judges know how bad Reid is. Knocking off the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate with the likes of Sharron Angle would surely send a message even Obama couldn’t miss.

The main event was in Spokane but it was an uninspiring fight. Neither candidate landed any stunning punches. Rossi did better than his debates with Gov. Gregoire in 2008 but he still needs to polish his presentation. Murray has been called one of the dumbest members of the U.S. Senate but don’t “misunderestimate” her. She pulls the heartstrings, dodges the questions and buys off the special interests with the best of them.

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Recomendations for 2010 General Election

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 11, 2010

Clear Fog Blog Recommendations for November 2, 2010 Election

Ballots will be mailed to every registered voter this week and must be returned post marked by midnight November 2, 2010. All voters should also receive a Voter’s Pamphlet which lists all candidates and issues by election jurisdiction. It has candidate statements and pro/con statements on ballot issues. There is an on-line version at the following site: Voter’s Pamphlet. Another good source with in-depth analysis of most ballot issues is the Washington Policy Center.

The Candidates:

All levels of government need to be sent a clear message: Spend less, tax less, intrude less in citizens’ lives. A Republican tsunami win would do just that. So for all legislative races from U.S. Senate to every U.S. House race, to all Washington State legislative races, cast your vote for the best Republican candidate you can. (Washington’s Top Two primary system has caused some general election races to be between members of the same party.)

King County Council District 8 – This is a special election to fill the unexpired term of Dow Constantine. See “clear message” above and vote for Diana Toledo.

Judges (only if two candidates)

Supreme Court Justice – Vote for Richard Sanders. He is a controversial individual but brings a needed libertarian viewpoint to the court.

Seattle Municipal Court

Position No. 1 – Vote for Ed McKenna. A lawyer friend, not associated with the DUI attorneys opposing Judge Charles, is supporting McKenna because his judicial temperament and knowledge of the law is better than Judge Charles.

In Position No. 6 – Vote for Karen Donohue.

The Ballot Issues:

Many of the ballot issues directly affect the clear message needed to be sent to all levels of government: spend less, tax less.

Initiative No. 1053 – Reinstates requirement for two- thirds vote by legislature to raise taxes. Vote YES

Initiative No. 1082 – Worker’s compensation insurance currently is from the state or self-insurance. This initiative would allow private insurance companies to compete and eliminates, as in all but four states, employee contributions. Competition works, Vote YES

Initiative 1098 – An income tax on the “rich” but no protection against the Legislature expanding its reach after two years. Vote NO

Initiative 1100 – Takes the state out of the booze business. The basic question is: Should the State of Washington be in a retail business? Competition works. Vote YES

Initiative No. 1105 – See Initiative No. 1100. It frees up the market to a greater degree than 1105. Vote NO

Initiative No. 1107 – Repeals new taxes on bottled water, soda and candy. Definitions are truly odd (Twix is not defined as a candy because it has a flour based biscuit in it.) Every tax increase just keeps the legislature from facing the hard decisions on spending. Vote YES

Referendum No. 52 – A state stimulus package on borrowed money. Vote NO

SJR No. 8225 – Increases state debt limit. Vote NO

HJR No. 4220 – Denies bail for persons charged with certain crimes. Vote YES

King County Charter Amendments:

Number 1 – Vote YES

Number 2 – Saves duplicate work. Vote YES

Number 3 – Allows the County Sheriff to bargain with union on matters other than wages and benefits. Vote YES

King County Prop. No. 1 – Another attempt to blackmail voters by threatening basic services cuts if we don’t increase the sales tax. Vote NO

Seattle Schools Prop. No. 1 – This is the first time the Seattle Schools have asked for a supplemental operations levy. It’s another “frog in the heating water” tax, not much per household but when added to all the other taxes boils the frog. What is supplemental this time will become permanent the next time. Vote NO

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Dr. Charles Krauthammer Addresses Washington Policy Center Dinner

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 7, 2010

Dr. Charles Krauthammer spoke Wednesday to over 1,200 people at the annual dinner of the Washington Policy Center, a nonpartisan, free market research think tank. Bloggers who write for Sound Politics were also privileged to meet Dr. Krauthammer at a press availability prior to the dinner. About half a dozen of us from the “new” media joined by one reporter from the on-line Seattle P.I. got to spend 35 quality time minutes with Dr. Krauthammer. I was surprised that no reporters from the Seattle Times, local TV/radio or weekly papers were there. Too busy covering local issues was one excuse offered but my guess is bias against Fox News, where Krauthammer often appears, played a role. Too bad, they missed an opportunity to question one of the premiere political minds in the country. Perhaps they did not realize he once worked for the Carter administration, was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale and wrote for the left leaning New Republic magazine – before growing older and wiser.

You, however, may listen to his talk as soon as it is posted on the Washington Policy Center web site. If you do, it will be time well spent.

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The Race Card

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 4, 2010

With electorial doom fast approaching, the Left has been has been playing the race card against the Tea Party, Republicans and conservatives in an attempt to distract voters and salvage their current congressional majorities. Gerard Alexander, an Ivy League PhD no less, effectively counters the racial prejudice equals Republican argument in an article he wrote in the September 12, 2010 edition of the Washington Post. It is worth your time to read it: Conservatism does not equal racism. So why do many liberals assume it does?

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