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Dr. Charles Krauthammer Addresses Washington Policy Center Dinner

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 7, 2010

Dr. Charles Krauthammer spoke Wednesday to over 1,200 people at the annual dinner of the Washington Policy Center, a nonpartisan, free market research think tank. Bloggers who write for Sound Politics were also privileged to meet Dr. Krauthammer at a press availability prior to the dinner. About half a dozen of us from the “new” media joined by one reporter from the on-line Seattle P.I. got to spend 35 quality time minutes with Dr. Krauthammer. I was surprised that no reporters from the Seattle Times, local TV/radio or weekly papers were there. Too busy covering local issues was one excuse offered but my guess is bias against Fox News, where Krauthammer often appears, played a role. Too bad, they missed an opportunity to question one of the premiere political minds in the country. Perhaps they did not realize he once worked for the Carter administration, was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale and wrote for the left leaning New Republic magazine – before growing older and wiser.

You, however, may listen to his talk as soon as it is posted on the Washington Policy Center web site. If you do, it will be time well spent.


One Response to “Dr. Charles Krauthammer Addresses Washington Policy Center Dinner”

  1. Jeff Welch said

    “a nonpartisan, free market research think tank”

    Oh, please. No responsibile organization, media outlet, or blog would call the Washington Policy Center “nonpartisan”. They are an organization of by and for radical right-wing Republicans.

    100% of their Board members have given millions collectively to right-wing Republican candidates, causes, and the Republican party.

    See: for details.


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