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I Left My Fat in San Francisco

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 10, 2010

Where else but from the wellspring of “nanny statism”, San Francisco, would they pass a law banning toys from McDonald’s Happy Meals? They say the toys make the accompanying calorie laden burgers and fries irresistible to children. It seems that in Baghdad-by-the-Bay, kids are too fat and parents are powerless to do anything about it so a concerned government had to step in.

No doubt, Seattle’s City Council will not want to be outdone by its Left Coast sister to the south. So let’s take the lead in Phase II of the war on fat folks. Require restaurants to provide anyone with a Body Mass Index higher than a prescribed number a menu containing only low fat, low calorie, low salt, (low taste) items. Of course this could be waived if the customer could prove they got to the eating establishment on a bicycle. This is Seattle after all.


One Response to “I Left My Fat in San Francisco”

  1. BlueFrog said

    I love your article. Why not have a Nazi just stand outside the McDonald’s doors & stop anyone from coming in if they are over weight. Where does all of this madness end?

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