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Gov. Chris Christie – He Gets It.

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 21, 2011

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey spoke at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) last week and demonstrated the refreshing candor that has made him famous across the nation. He tells the truth even to those who don’t want to hear it. Elected officials cannot continue to support programs or policies they know are unaffordable. People who benefit from such programs and policies have to face the facts. If the promised benefit is unsustainable or not cost-effective, it must be reformed now before it crashes and brings down the whole system. The next election is just over 20 months away but in presidential terms, it is not too early to begin considering candidates. Begin now looking for potentials with uncommon courage that are willing to face straight on the hard issues such as getting our financial house in order.

Gov. Christie is one who meets this criteria but he has said he is definitely not a candidate for president. He was elected to clean up New Jersey and that is what he is doing. He could not do both at the same time. Nevertheless, he has spoken out on national fiscal policy, praising Democrats and Republicans who “get it” and criticizing those who don’t.
Others who are considering a run for the White House would be well advised to listen to his speech. The same goes for voters. Even though Christie is not in the race, he has something important to say we all need to hear.

To listen to his talk Click Here.

God bless America.


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