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Harry Truman

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 24, 2011

I picked up a copy of “Truman”, David McCullough’s 1992 biography of President Harry Truman, at a yard sale and it proved to be an excellent purchase. McCullough received a Pulitzer Prize for the book. He also authored a biography of the first President Adams, “John Adams” and several other history based works.

All this is to provide a link to an amusing story about Harry and Bess Truman, after leaving the White House in 1953, driving themselves home to Missouri. I have not read the book from which the story was extracted but it is similar to one in McCullough’s book. Harry is one Democrat who improves with age. Would that we had more like him. Not from a policy standpoint but for his sense of duty and ethics.

Enjoy: Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure


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