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President, Savior

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 12, 2011

If you are looking for a president who is also a savior, expect to be disappointed. In 2008, seemingly endless wars and a rapidly declining economy had people frustrated, angry and scared. Many listened to Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric and bought his “Hope and Change” slogan as the words of a savior, one who would lead the nation in a new direction. There were varying interpretations of what hope, change and new direction meant but voters took it on faith it would be good. Perhaps they should not have overlooked his radical left associations, lack of experience and too good to be true promises. Hope and change became not what was hoped for nor change that was wanted. Across the political spectrum concern arose as Obama embraced policies from the Bush administration on Guantanamo, the Patriot Act and Afghanistan. Morre were alarmed at his sending debt into the stratosphere and implementing dubious policies from Obamacare to energy strangulation. A savior he was not.

So in 2012 we will try again. This time likely with a Republican president backed up by a more conservative House and Senate. We will look again for a president savior, a new style leader who tells the real truth. Someone like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who states his views clearly without prevarication, comes to mind. We’ll say we want congressional candidates who will put the nation ahead of their reelection and their own state or district. Unfortunately, Christie says he’s not running and don’t hold your breath about electing an altruistic Congress.

What then is our hope? Look to our history; see the influence of a Savior. At critical times America has been blessed by having the right leader for the challenge at hand. George Washington launched a new nation. Lincoln saved the Union and atoned for the sin of slavery, FDR gave the nation comfort and leadership through the Depression and WWII, Reagan restored American confidence and won the Cold War. Surely our current state of affairs cries out for a leader president in the mode of these predecessors. None of them qualified as saviors. Each of them had their flaws but they nevertheless brought the nation through periods of national peril. We cannot expect to find a pure saviors in politics but we can find leaders for these “critical Tmes.”

We can get involved. Write legislators, state and national. Attend town meetings and candidate forums. Support with money and time candidates who demonstrate integrity and political courage; that tell it like it is. In 2012, get informed; vote responsibly, America’s salvation depends upon it. Pray earnestly, America’s salvation depends upon it.


One Response to “President, Savior”

  1. Nancy Thompson Timms said

    Integrity and courage…two gifts sorely lacking in DC and on the national political scene. So far, I see No Republican candidates that offer ANYTHING new. The same old hackneyed ones seem to test their toes in the political waters every four years, to feed their own egos, I fear.

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