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Ferraro and Fox News

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 30, 2011

I’ve been watching Facebook to see if any of my left-leaning friends are extolling the liberal virtues of the late Geraldine Ferraro, the first female major party candidate for Vice President (Mondale-Ferraro lost in a landslide to Reagan-Bush in 1984) but nothing so far. Then it struck me. Ms. Ferraro was a Fox News contributor since 1999. How could a liberal icon appear on Fox? Does it mean they actually are “fair and balanced”? Even my high school classmate, Fox President Roger Ailes, had nice things to say about her. Not only that, but on November 2, 2010, she and the only other woman to be on a major party presidential ticket, Sarah Palin, shared the commentator’s desk on the Fox News election night coverage. It all must be so confusing to the doctrinaire lefties who view Fox as the devil’s creation to be stamped out by any means fair or foul. Yes, Fox personalities like Hannity and Beck are clearly on the right, O’Reilly bashes both but leans right and the news programs tilt a little right but doesn’t that provide some reasonable balance to the rest of TV media? Does the huge success of Fox News and conservative talk radio mean ignorant boobs populate the nation? … Well that must be it.


2 Responses to “Ferraro and Fox News”

  1. Nancy Thompson Timms said


  2. Fredc said

    You are close. Not necessarily ignorant, but definitely swallowing and digesting buckets full of Fox propaganda.:-))

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