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Changing States

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 2, 2011

Come November 6, 2012, if you live in Ohio or New York, there will be two fewer congressional seats on the ballot. Eight other states mostly in the North will have one less. Why? Because every ten years the 435 member House of Representatives is reapportioned in accordance with the Census and the 2010 Census showed these states losing population, and therefore Members of Congress, to other states, mostly in the South. One may think the population loss is due to the economy but this trend is not new. So what caused the population shift? Economist and syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell offers an explanation in his column titled, Voting with Their Feet. If he’s right and Republicans play it smart for once, the future looks bright for the GOP.


One Response to “Changing States”

  1. Fredc said

    Careful of the conclusions you draw. As Mr. Sowell points out lots of blacks are moving back to the South, as well as Asians and Whites. Coming from Liberal states, who is to say they are switching parties? It is a good bet that a lot of Liberals are taking their political beliefs with them as they move south, so don’t count those chickens yet…

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