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The Trump Plan

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 9, 2011

I have it on absolutely no good authority whatsoever that “The Donald” has a plan to solve our economic and foreign policy problems now and for years to come. Through a super secret anonymous source, I have received a copy of the executive summary of his plan, which I share with you below.

Donald Trump’s Plan – Executive Summary


1. “We are not respected in the world anymore!”
2. “The Chinese are (bleeping) ripping us off!”
3. “The national debt is a (bleeping) disgrace!”


1. Declare war on China. Destroy its military using all weapons available including nucs. While we are at it, take out North Korea too.
2. Demand unconditional surrender
3. For reparations due the victor (that’s us), China must deliver all loans to the U.S. marked “Paid in Full”.

Expected Results:

1. Cancellation of the China debt will immediately reduce our national debt.
2. Rebuilding China as an American vassal state will create so many American
jobs, we will welcome as many Mexican workers as we can get.
3. Our enemies will know America is Back!

Fool proof, huh?

Donald Trump jokes


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