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Trip Report

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 9, 2011

We just returned from a week’s vacation in the Great and Sovereign State of Arizona plus three nights in Las Vegas watching our money disappear.

The Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Phoenix was uneventful although the pilot must have gotten his landing skills on a Navy carrier – came in hot and hit the deck hard. We rented a Mercury Grand Marquis land yacht (good deal from Hertz). Not so good on gas mileage but quiet and very comfortable. We spent some time in Tucson with snowbird friends from Seattle and then headed north via Show Lo and Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. Enjoyed fantastic scenery all the way. The weather was mostly ninety degree hot with azure blue-sky except a snowflake or two dropping on us at the Grand Canyon. One night in Williams, Arizona (Believe it or not, the Holiday Inn has a very good restaurant. Try the New York cheesecake.); then on to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas at 75 miles per hour (legal limit) on I-40.

Vegas must to be seen to be believed. Some observations:

1. “Non smoking“ does not exist.
2. Many of the women showing copious amounts of boob shouldn’t. Then again some of them …
3. Michelle Obama is right. Americans are corpulent. I recall with pain watching a 300 pounder limping along the Strip. Every step she took must have hurt.
4. Good food everywhere (see #3 above).
5. Even the cheap slots can vacuum up your money faster than an Electrolux.
6. Some shows are better than others: Carrot Top – Hilarious! Magician Criss Angel – save your money.

Looking out the window as I type this – 50 degrees, overcast and showers – yep, must be back in Seattle.


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