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Car Tab Fees Rise in Seattle

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 18, 2011

The license renewal notice for our 1994 mini van arrived in the mail recently. Remember Tim Eyman’s initiative limiting car tabs to $30? It’s history. There has been a little fee creep. Would you believe the cost is now $99.75 ($94.75 if you opt out of the $5 parks fee)?

Click here to see the list of fees: Vehicle_license_renewal[1]

One example, starting May 2011, it costs $20 more to license a car in the City of Seattle. Last September, the Seattle City Council established the Seattle Transportation Benefit District (STBD). The District’s web site explains the origins of the $20 fee and the planned use of the funds generated.

Per the Revised Code of Washington, a transportation district may impose a fee of up to $20 on cars licensed within a district. To no one’s surprise, the STBD imposed the maximum fee. Also not surprising, a portion of the funds raised by the fee will be for “investing in bicycle…mobility.” Not satisfied with the new tax on cars, a 14 member Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) has been established. One of the Committee’s tasks will be “evaluating and examining the potential for a ballot measure asking Seattle voters to fund additional transportation projects.”

Citizens interested in monitoring or giving input to the CTAC should go to The SDOT Blog.


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