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Obama’s Economy

Posted by Warren Peterson on May 26, 2011

In 2008, Obama ran on “Hope and Change” delivered with soaring, teleprompter rhetoric, platitudes and empty promises. Remember: “The oceans will stop rising.” and “I am a friend of Israel” and “I will close Guantanamo.” and “I will cut the deficit in half.” and the “stimulus package” and “unemployment below 5%” and “economic recovery” and on and on. Few will buy such bovine excreta in 2012. He has a record to defend this time.

So after two years of Obama, here’s your change!


Thanks to GH and DV for passing on this summary of Obama’s economic record. You may also find it at numerous web sites such as: Obama’s “Change”


One Response to “Obama’s Economy”

  1. Fredc said

    The bovine excretia that will not be bought by voters (witness recent Upstate NY House seat won by DEM) are GOP policies that, do nothing to address the crisis of very high unemployment or a decade of flat earnings growth for the middle class, yet want to dump the growing financial burden of Medicare on the backs of the elderly recipients. Perhaps the bigger problem for the GOP is finding a credible, competitive Presidential candidate. Houseman by default? A gift to Obama.

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