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It’s a Deal, Kind Of.

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 1, 2011

Looking at the PowerPoint summary put out by Speaker Boehner’s office, it appears the Republican controlled House won the day. Of course there is enough wiggle room to weasel out of some of the provisions. For example, the multi-trillion dollar spending cuts are over ten years with no restrictions on actions of future Congresses. This concern is offset by no increase in taxes and the opportunity to pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution. But it is just that, an opportunity, a requirement to vote on an amendment between October 1 and year-end 2011. Also, the debt ceiling is raised by less than $900 billion forcing Obama to come back to the well in February 2012 for an additional $1.5 trillion ceiling increase. He gets it if either the balanced budget amendment is passed or spending cuts equivalent to the debt limit increase are enacted.

Considering that polls show the GOP/Tea Party is being blamed for this crisis and Democrats control both the White House and Senate, Republicans should vote for this deal. If it fails to pass, let it be because the Democrats oppose it. Declare victory and concentrate on implementing the plan especially the section on a balanced budget amendment.


One Response to “It’s a Deal, Kind Of.”

  1. Fredc said

    How do we suppose the 15 million unemployed/under-employed feel about this vote? Additional thousands of federal, state and local workers, plus thousands of private government contractors are going to lose their jobs as these cuts are made. States will be hit the hardest as federal support dries up. Even if you think there are too many people on government payrolls, what are the folks who now have those jobs going to do next? Find a job in the private sector? Not likely. More foreclosures (minimum of three more years of depressed housing market), more personal bankruptcies. Ironically, a lot of Tea Party supporters will be on the wrong end of this and will join the jobless millions.

    Mr. Peterson, all of your arguments have to do with Republicans gaining power and Democrats losing it. The Democrat are no different, in reverse. All of the party leaders constantly speak of the will of “the American people”, and the polls show that neither party is even close to addressing their wishes, i.e. tax reform that includes increased taxes on the millionaires, elimination of corporate subsidies and reduction of defense spending. Lobbyists for corporations and labor unions and their puppets in Congress run the country. Screw the American people. They are doing a fine job of it.

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