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Romney – Gingrich 2012?

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 16, 2011

I wish Romney were saying this: Gingrich On Debt and Governance .

Then Republicans would have a candidate with a squeaky clean personal life, experience as a governor and business leader wrapped into a host of great ideas. Looking at the tea leaves, the best prediction that comes close is a Romney-Gingrich ticket.


One Response to “Romney – Gingrich 2012?”

  1. oldegramps said

    Romney, certainly has an impressive resume. The “Newtster”, carries a host of personal baggage, not unlike any intellectual, free thinker, right or left.

    Personally, I’m of the the opinion the GOP caucus, has or is in the process of running recklessly, into the “Tea Party” ditch, on the far right.

    This deliberate attempt, to be outrageously more of a “wingnut” conservative, than my opponent[s], may serve them well in the primary’s; but may rebound, to haunt the memories of the “Independents” in the general.

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