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Time to Trim the GOP Presidential Field

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 9, 2011

After watching last nights Republican Presidential Debate, I suggest it is time to trim the field before the next debate. So who should go and who should stay?

Out Now

Michele Bachmann – Peaked in the Iowa straw poll barely ahead of Ron Paul and has now fallen into single digits. Her performance in the Reagan Library debate was weak at best.

Ron Paul – No chance for the nomination, never was, never will be. He offers a libertarian view loved by his few true believers but scares off potential GOP votes.

Rick Santorum – He’s out classed by the governors. Must be running to either make the pro-life case or be in line for a Federal job if the Republicans win the White House.

On the Cusp

Herman Cain – Has improved his stump speech and memorized his answers to expected questions well. He has the business/CEO experience but could get rolled by those Washington inside the beltway pros. Still, I’d keep him in the debate for at least one more round.

Jon Huntsman – Successful businessman, successful governor, successful diplomat and like the NASCAR preacher, has a “smokin’ hot wife.” Unfortunately, he comes across like dropout candidate Tim Pawlenty, well qualified but no spark. Maybe one more try.

In to Win

Governor Mitt Romney, Governor Rick Perry, and Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Romney, polished, tan and ready, has the private sector experience but is he really a conservative? Perry, whose looks remind me of Reagan, plays well in Texas but can he attract the independent voter? The next debates will help sort out the answers to these questions. Of all the candidates, Romney and Perry have the best chance to beat Obama, which after all is the most important factor to consider in selecting the GOP nominee.

Even though Gingrich’s chance of winning is slim to none, I’d keep him in the mix. He’s an articulate proponent of radical reform and makes the most cogent arguments for a Republican landslide in 2012. Newt can also say things that need to be said but may not be wise for Romney or Perry to voice such as putting the media in their place.

Hope in 2008, Change in 2012!

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One Response to “Time to Trim the GOP Presidential Field”

  1. Lysander said

    Suggesting Paul should not be in the GOP debates is foolish.

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