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OMG and WTF New Meanings

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 29, 2011

OMG and WTF are perhaps the two most commonly used acronyms on the internet but like many words in the English language, meanings change. Remember when “gay” meant happy and care free? So what are the new meanings for OMG and WTF?

OMG – Obama Must Go!

WTF – Winning the Future

“Winning the Future” seems to be the 2012 campaign slogan for President Obama’s re-election bid. Sort of reminds you of the Nixon campaign motto from 1968, “Nixon’s the One”. It appeared frequently under a picture of an obviously pregnant woman. Obama should expropriate the theme. After all, who’s screwed the nation since 2009? OMG! (new meaning).


One Response to “OMG and WTF New Meanings”

  1. Fredc said

    With the incredibly weak slate of Republican candidates for President, it appears that the GOP is “gifting” the White House to the Democrats in 2012. Competitive candidates (Daniels, Christie, Rubio) are keeping their powder dry until 2016…if we’re all still around by then.

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