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Sexually Inapropriate

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 8, 2011

In the light of recent sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain, here are four questions:

1. For men: Have you ever used your eyes, voice, body, body language or written communication in a way that could be interpreted by a woman as sexually inappropriate and made her feel threatened or uncomfortable?

2. For women: Have you ever been subjected to a male using his eyes, voice, body, body language or written communication in a way you considered sexually inappropriate and made you feel threatened or uncomfortable?

3. For women: If you answered yes to question #2, what did you do about it?

4. For all: On the single issue of sexually inappropriate behavior, do the accusations of the four women (to date) disqualify Herman Cain as a presidential candidate?


4 Responses to “Sexually Inapropriate”

  1. Gramps said

    From the statements I’ve heard from the forth woman [not bound by a confidential non-disclosure agreement, for hush money received…!] now to come forward, this morning… Herman would appear to be something more than just a “philandering, cad”…!

    I’ll have to wait for Herman’s statement this afternoon to make any final judgement. It appears it will be a classic “she said, he said”…!

    What’s really more disgusting… is the cover up of juvenile molestation at Penn…!

  2. Gramps said

    This appears to be more like sexual ASSAULT, than sexual harassment…?

  3. Fredc said

    The accusations don’t disqualify him, but his angry and unprofessional responses do! Cain will end up just like Clinton, Edwards and so many others: they lied, got caught and went down. Cain is toast, by his own hand.

  4. Gramps said

    Are either of you gentlemen, graduates of “Penn State”…
    For me the continuing pedophilia, dalliance, of a member of their athletic department, remains, entirely more significant, than anything the Governor of Mississippi [Hally Barber] might conclude with respect to invitro, fertilization…!

    Hugs, gents…!

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