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Choosing From Three

Posted by Warren Peterson on December 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich is the latest to lead the polls for the Republican nomination but he has personal baggage and can be accused of flip-flopping on the issues like global warming and health insurance mandates. Right behind Newt at a steady 20 to 25 percent is Mitt Romney. While clean on the personal side, his list of flip-flops is extensive. The one candidate who suffers neither from baggage nor flip-flops is Jon Huntsman. He also brings a certifiable conservative record, business experience and first hand knowledge of foreign policy. Both Newt and Mitt offer target rich environments for a negative campaign against them. Huntsman does not. He would be the most challenging for the Obama campaign to trash. That said Huntsman has run a poor campaign that has yet to catch fire although he is garnering increased interest in New Hampshire.

Who wins the Republican nomination is important. Picking one who can defeat Obama in November 2012 is vital. Gingrich may yet join Bachmann, Cain and Perry in the flame out group leaving the number one second choice, Romney, in first place, unless of course there is a conservative who can win still in the hunt. Keep an open mind.

All the GOP candidates, except Ron Paul (he was not invited), spoke at a recent meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition. You can hear them by clicking on C-span Video, then on GOP Presidential Forum – Morning Session for Huntsman and Romney and Afternoon Session for Gingrich. Hold down the left button on your mouse and drag the arrow under the video to the candidate speeches you want to hear.

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One Response to “Choosing From Three”

  1. Gramps said

    With respect to “personal baggage”, as you have mentioned… former congressperson Gingrich, carries a rather heavy rucksack, of multiple divorces and marriages to younger women. I’m not certain just how his fundamentalist base will rationalize, all of his previous, personal, peccadilloes…?

    As for Willard Romney, He is the “political man of the moment”…there truly is no audience, he might not appeal to… given the right circumstance, time and,or place…!

    Former Governor and Ambassador, Huntsman; has not expounded, any position… conservative enough, to gain any traction in the Republican primaries.

    William Clinton came out of the blue, at the Democrat Convention…!
    Perhaps there is still, hope that lightning can actually strike twice, at the 2012, Republican Convention…?

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