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Sin in the Secret Service

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 17, 2012

When those Secret Service guys get home, they’ll have more to worry about than their jobs. Their wife or girlfriend may well expand the scope of the “Stand Your Ground” law. Should she use her dullest kitchen knife to make her “had a good time in Columbia” husband or boyfriend into a boy soprano, there’s not a female majority jury in the world that would convict her.

Liberals have been saying, aside from the possible security issues, boys will be boys. Punishment should be a reprimand and let’s move on. After all, Bill Clinton was accused of adultery while jogging, indecent liberties in the White House and rape yet he served two terms as President and continues as a lion of the Democrat Party. Go past far right to libertarian and it’s what ever you do in the privacy of your government paid hotel room is no business of anyone save you and the hookers.

Leave it to those judgmental Christians to call it what it what it is, sin.


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