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A Gaffe at West Point – Biden’s Commencement Address

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 6, 2012

Vice-President Joe “Oh my, what am I sayin'” Biden gave this years commencement address at the United States Military Academy – West Point. It is not unusual for speeches at our nation’s military academies to contain praise for a president’s policies and this was no exception. Joe listed several changes made since “President Obama and I came to office.” He ended the war in Iraq and announced the same for Afghanistan was one example. The rest of the speech was filled with platitudes, anecdotes and well deserved praise for America’s military. There was only one instance where the old Joe Biden, prone as he is to placing his foot in his mouth, reverted to form. Apparently he forgot he was speaking to an Army crowd. Delivering praise to “some of America’s most gifted security professionals” tracking down Osama bin Laden, he added, “And in one of the most incredibly daring raids,(which he opposed by the way) they delivered justice to the architect of a harmful ideology … They got him.” He didn’t say they were U.S. Navy Seals but you can bet 99% of the West Point audience heard, “Go Navy!”


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