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Obama the Divider

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 23, 2012

After the 2008 presidential election, I posted “Obama Hope” on my blog which included the following:

“Hopefully, it (Obama’s election) will end or at least begin to end the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton led race based victim hood business and truly fulfill Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream that people will be judged on the ‘content of their character’ rather than the color of their skin.”

Sadly, President Obama cast aside this golden opportunity to transcend racial divides. The first example is the famous White House Beer Garden summit after he jumped to the defense of a black Harvard professor in an altercation with Cambridge police. Chalk that experience up to inexperience. More recently, he joined the chorus against what the New York Times called the “white- Hispanic”, George Zimmerman, in the Trayvon Martin killing. Should Obama have commented on the case, sure, it was a national issue. But when he personalized it to himself, he effectively took sides well before Zimmerman was even charged with a crime.

Okay, two misstatements in three years, give him another pass but recently the President’s campaign has taken a largely race based strategy. His support from white voters is too low to win reelection so he has turned to building a strong election turn out coalition of minority voters. To secure the Black vote, every criticism of Obama is called racist. Homosexuals are courted by the end of the Clinton “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and a flip flop on support for same sex marriage. There may not be many votes in this community but on the Left it does attract Hollywood campaign money. He hopes to co-opt the Hispanic vote with his “no deportation give’em/work permits” for children of some illegal immigrates. Icing on this cake is blaming Republicans for failure to pass comprehensive immigration legislation. This is in spite of solid Democrat control through 2010; enough control to ram through ObamaCare. Truth be known, Democrats would rather have the issue than the solution.

No appeal to American values and interests that cover all citizens but rather a crass effort to divide, create hate and discontent and avoid debating the state of the economy. On race at least, Obama could have been the statesman for hope and change. Unfortunately, he wants reelection so badly he’s willing to highlight that which divides. The President turns out to be no statesman but just another Chicago pol.


One Response to “Obama the Divider”

  1. fred churchill said

    So, Warren, how is everything going on the space station? Could you be running low on oxygen? Yes, we are either planets apart, or you are scared to death that Mitt cannot win simply with older white men.You guys painted yourselves into this corner….

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