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2012 Primary Election Recommendations

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 25, 2012

What factors are considered in making a recommendation?

1. I know the candidate or have heard him or her speak in public
2. Opinion of knowledgeable friends
3. Endorsed by law enforcement
4. Endorsed by Republican groups or and/or individuals
5. Record
6. Business or other non political or non judicial experience
7. Statements in Voter’s Pamphlet
8. Candidate Web sites
9. A coin

Only contested races are listed. Under our “Top Two” primary, only two candidates advance to the General Election. Judges, however, who get over 50% of the primary vote are considered elected with no general election.

U. S. Senator- Senator Cantwell crawls out from under a rock every election year but it still will be an uphill race to beat her, VOTE for Michael Baumgartner

U. S. House of Representatives:

District 1 – Best chance for Republicans to pick up a seat. VOTE for John Koster

District 7 – Redistricting changed the boundaries of Congressman for Life, Baghdad Jim McDermont’s district, Maybe, just maybe he will lose this time. VOTE for Ron Bemis

District 9 – Another tough district. VOTE for Jim Postma or John Orlinski

Governor – The last Republican Governor, John Spellman, was elected in 1980. We are long over due for a change, VOTE for Rob McKenna

Lt. Governor – Gov. McKenna should not have to worry about Democrat mischief when he is out of state. A former Senate Republican Majority Leader is the state GOP endorsed candidate, VOTE for Bill Finkbeiner

Secretary of State – State GOP endorsed candidate, experienced county auditor (in charge of elections), VOTE for Kim Wyman

Auditor- Hands down best choice, VOTE for James Watkins

Attorney General – Even the Seattle Times endorsed him, most experienced candidate, VOTE for Reagan Dunn

Commissioner of Public Lands – Even though it is hard to forgive him for not endorsing Dino Rossi after losing to him in the 2010 Senate primary, he would shake up the place. VOTE for Clint Didier

Superintendent of Public Instruction – The playpen of the teacher’s union, it’s hard to find a candidate supporting real reforms. Don Hansler has the background and some good ideas but Randy Dorn, despite a DUI, has served well as could be expected. Both should advance to the General Election. VOTE Don Hansler or Randy Dorn

Insurance Commissioner – GOP endorsed candidate, VOTE for Scott Reilly

State Legislative Races:

Republicans need to elect 8 more state representatives and 3 more state senators to take control of both houses of the legislature. Gov. McKenna will need all the help he can get; just vote for any candidate with the guts to put “Prefers Republican Party” under his or her name in the voter’s pamphlet.

State Supreme Court:

Position #2 – VOTE for Douglas McQuaid or Susan Owens

Position #8 – Supported by big name Democrats and Republicans, firefighters and state patrol, labor and business, VOTE for Steve Gonzalez

Position #9 – We miss the former Justice Sanders libertarian independence. He lost a close reelection to the court in 2010. Bruce Hilyer is highly qualified. On to the general election, VOTE for Richard Sanders or Bruce Hilyer

Superior Court:

Position #25 – VOTE for Roger Davidheiser

Position #29 – Endorsed by Republicans and Democrats, VOTE for Sean O’Donnell

Position #30 – VOTE for Doug North

Position #42 – VOTE for Marianne Jones

Position #46 – VOTE for Gary Ernsdorff

City of Seattle Proposition No. 1 – New tax levy to support Seattle libraries – First we tax ourselves to build new and remodel old libraries, then the city council cuts library operating funds creating a crisis in service so now we get vote a special levy to pay operating costs. VOTE NO

King County Proposition No. 1 – (Page 10 of Voter’s Pamphlet)Capital levy to replace the existing Children and Family Service Justice Center – There is a clear need for a new building, VOTE YES


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Egregious Media Bias

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 22, 2012

The police and aide car sirens in Aurora, Colorado were barely silent before reporter Brian Ross on ABC’s “Good Morning America” linked the senseless mass murders to the Tea Party. They were forced to apologize when it was discovered that the 58 year old Tea Party supporter named James Holmes was not the 24 year old medical student, James Holmes, who committed the monstrous crime. Of course, apology or not, the damage was done. According to Rush Limbaugh, Brian Ross committed “journalistic malpractice.” Love him or hate him, on this one Rush is clearly right.

This was not the first time the liberal press and its fellow travelers on the left have tried to use such senseless events to crucify conservatives. Michelle Malkin traces the history of leftwing, knee-jerk and patently false reporting/commentary following news reports of shootings and bombings in the United States.

To read Michelle’s blog post (and you should), click HERE

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Neil Cavuto Nails It

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 16, 2012

Regardless of what you think about FOX News, Neil Cavuto’s commentary on the presidential campaign is outstanding.

Link to it HERE

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Indicators of Hope for Change

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 14, 2012

No polling science, maybe just wishful thinking but there is some notional signs pointing to a Romney victory.

Bumper Strips

2008 – Virtually every Volvo. Subaru and Pirus in Seattle displayed this bumper strip:

Hope and Change
Obama 2008

2012 – A bumper strip on a fuel efficient SUV in Seattle:

Better than the alternative
Obama 2012

Romney’s NAACP Speech

He got loudly booed (once) and that’s about all the mainstream media reported on the speech. When some later commentary praised Romney for not pandering but giving a speech for all Americans, Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats said it was a ploy to get booed as an appeal to racist white men. Typical of the Left, when in trouble, play the race card. Judge for yourself; listen to the speech by clicking HERE.

Scatter Shot

His company, Bain Capital, is a predatory capitalist firm, a job destroyer; he out sourced jobs overseas; he may have committed a felony on SEC filings; he’s too rich; his wife, Ann, never worked a day in her life; Bain invested in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses; he’s (ssshh, keep this below the radar; use it to discourage the evangelical vote) a Mormon. The old adage applies here, “It’s not the truth or falsehood that matters, but the seriousness of the charge.”

An incumbent president who cannot run on his record needs to change the subject. Showing some degree of desperation, the Obama campaign, well before the conventions, is tossing every charge imaginable at Gov. Romney hoping something will stick or at least distract the Romney campaign from the real issue, “It’s the economy stupid.” There is anecdotal evidence that this strategy is not working for Obama.

Do these three observations indicate the start of a trend to a Romney win in November? One can only hope.

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Good Question

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 11, 2012

Good Question

1. Why does God allow bad things to happen?
2. What does the Bible teach about sex?
3. Is spirituality a property of the brain?
4. What does Jesus think of other religions?

George Hinman, Senior Pastor at Seattle’s University Presbyterian Church tackles each of these questions in a sermon series titled, “Good Question”. Each one takes about 30 minutes to listen to, time well spent.

Click HERE, scroll down to blue box “Sunday Sermons” and select your question (may have to scroll down to see all four).

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Primary Voter’s Guide

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 3, 2012

Thanks to State Auditor Candidate James Watkins for publishing the url for the Online State Voters Guide.

To see the Guide, click HERE

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