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Indicators of Hope for Change

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 14, 2012

No polling science, maybe just wishful thinking but there is some notional signs pointing to a Romney victory.

Bumper Strips

2008 – Virtually every Volvo. Subaru and Pirus in Seattle displayed this bumper strip:

Hope and Change
Obama 2008

2012 – A bumper strip on a fuel efficient SUV in Seattle:

Better than the alternative
Obama 2012

Romney’s NAACP Speech

He got loudly booed (once) and that’s about all the mainstream media reported on the speech. When some later commentary praised Romney for not pandering but giving a speech for all Americans, Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats said it was a ploy to get booed as an appeal to racist white men. Typical of the Left, when in trouble, play the race card. Judge for yourself; listen to the speech by clicking HERE.

Scatter Shot

His company, Bain Capital, is a predatory capitalist firm, a job destroyer; he out sourced jobs overseas; he may have committed a felony on SEC filings; he’s too rich; his wife, Ann, never worked a day in her life; Bain invested in a company that disposed of aborted fetuses; he’s (ssshh, keep this below the radar; use it to discourage the evangelical vote) a Mormon. The old adage applies here, “It’s not the truth or falsehood that matters, but the seriousness of the charge.”

An incumbent president who cannot run on his record needs to change the subject. Showing some degree of desperation, the Obama campaign, well before the conventions, is tossing every charge imaginable at Gov. Romney hoping something will stick or at least distract the Romney campaign from the real issue, “It’s the economy stupid.” There is anecdotal evidence that this strategy is not working for Obama.

Do these three observations indicate the start of a trend to a Romney win in November? One can only hope.


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