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Egregious Media Bias

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 22, 2012

The police and aide car sirens in Aurora, Colorado were barely silent before reporter Brian Ross on ABC’s “Good Morning America” linked the senseless mass murders to the Tea Party. They were forced to apologize when it was discovered that the 58 year old Tea Party supporter named James Holmes was not the 24 year old medical student, James Holmes, who committed the monstrous crime. Of course, apology or not, the damage was done. According to Rush Limbaugh, Brian Ross committed “journalistic malpractice.” Love him or hate him, on this one Rush is clearly right.

This was not the first time the liberal press and its fellow travelers on the left have tried to use such senseless events to crucify conservatives. Michelle Malkin traces the history of leftwing, knee-jerk and patently false reporting/commentary following news reports of shootings and bombings in the United States.

To read Michelle’s blog post (and you should), click HERE


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