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Romney and Obama On Open Mike

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney in remarks made at a private fund raising function last May, spoke about the forty seven percent of Americans who get some direct monetary payment from the government and the likelihood that they would vote for Obama. The event was secretly recorded and provided to “Mother Jones”, a left wing magazine. Hoping to inflict maximum damage on the Romney campaign, they held it until now, close to the election.

So which should concern you more? Romney’s too blunt but true comment or the following conversation recorded from an open mike between then President Dmitri Medvedev of Russian and President Obama at the March 2012 Global Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea:

Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him (incoming Russian president, Vladmir Putin) to give me some space.

Medvedev: Yeah, I understand, I understand your message about space. Space for you …(inaudible)

Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladmir.

Link the above conversation with President Obama caving into Russian pressure and canceling an agreement with our ally, Poland, to host a missile defense system. Toss Poland under the bus; tell Putin he (Obama) can be more flexible after the election – that concerns me.


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What To Do About The National Debt

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 12, 2012

Dr. Tom Coburn, M.D. is a U.S. Senator from Oklahoma. If one accepts the Wikipedia writing about him, people will have opposing opinions concerning some of his views, especially on such hot button issues like abortion, but on the subject of the debt crisis, every citizen should listen to him, he’s right on target. The Senator has written a book, “The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America.” It lays out a path forward on which both liberals and conservatives could tread given the right leadership. That is leadership more devoted to solving problems than getting reelected, leadership that tells the truth, leadership with real world experience, courageous leadership.

Take about 45 minutes, watch and listen as Senator Coburn gives a speech to the Ripon Society about the debt. Shown on C-Span2, the video lasts about 45 minutes including introductions and questions from the floor.

Click Here

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Clinton Nominates “The One”

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 7, 2012

President William Jefferson Clinton once again proved his ability to give a good speech. He nominated President Barack Hussein Obama for a second term with the right mix of hyperbole, bovine excreta and selective use of data one may expect from a partisan speech.

I’ll leave the self-appointed fact checkers to debate the validity of his words. I won’t even comment on whether he patted himself on the back more than he praised Obama. Watching Clinton on TV, I was immediately struck by the similarity with past Clinton speeches in his faux use of body language. There it was, his head cocked to one side, his eyes narrowed, pointing his finger into the camera, oozing sincerity as he made his points. We’ve seen it before. Fourteen years ago, in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky affair, President Clinton appeared on TV – “I did not have sex with that women Miss Lewinsky…” Same head tilt, same eyes, same finger point, same sincerity but a boldfaced lie.

Also curious was the Democratic Party, the proponents of women, placing in a highly prominent convention role a man with his sexual history of abusing women and cheating on his wife. Elicit sex with Jennifer Flowers, controversial accusations of rape by Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick, oral sex with intern Monica Lewinsky. And Democrats accuse Republicans of a war on women?

That Obama needed Clinton to bolster his re-election campaign says volumes.

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