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Posted by Warren Peterson on November 4, 2012

The left demands that Fox News be forced off the air because they say Fox is biased (read “They are conservative and therefore should be silenced.”). But one study of the media tells a different story. Pew Research released a study covering the 2012 campaign and media from TV to Twitter. One of their findings compared positive versus negative coverage of Romney and Obama on MSNBC and Fox. Romney was mentioned in a positive vein 3% of the time and negatively 71% on MSNBC. The corresponding number for Fox reports on Obama – 6% positive, 46% negative.

So let’s keep MSNBC on the far left with its lesser-left fellow travelers ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN not to mention the New York Times versus Fox plus most of talk radio on the right. It is after all free speech and that’s in the Constitution, whether living and breathing or written in stone. Sounds fair and balanced to me.


One Response to “Ban MSNBC?”

  1. fred churchill said

    I’m probably the last guy you wanted to hear from on “the day after”, but I will try to be fair and balanced. Really. Here’s a good link for your readers on this issue of Fox News integrity, etc. is dedicated to that task and does a very good job of exposing the many, many unfair, unbalanced and untrue comments made on the program. No question that MSNBC spends a whole lot of time taking certain conservatives to task, but they make no pretense otherwise. They do not claim to be balanced, but they are not the premeditated propaganda voice of the far right, as Fox has often been found to be.

    If you guys don’t get rid of Rove, McConnell, Boehner and the other 19th century ideologues who took you into this deep hole, and if you don’t start listening to Rubio, Jeb Bush and some of the other guys who have some decent ideas on how to remake the fallen GOP, the Democrats will run you through the same meat grinder in 2016.

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