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Free Speech

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 31, 2013

I get emails from time to time from a hard-core leftist friend of mine who never misses a chance to castigating Republicans. His rants are usually so far over the top that I don’t bother to respond but now and then I do.

He said:

I See Your Good Olde Boys are Still at it

I responded:

Republicans don’t have a monopoly on stupid comments. See

Alabama Legislator’s Email

But then the Alabama legislator is black and a Democrat so he gets a pass even though he refused to apologize. I could cite numerous examples of vitriol from the Left assaulting Republicans, Conservatives, Christians and anyone daring to challenge them. Maybe if both sides would stop this tit-for-tat, “gothcha,” knee jerk reaction to every real or perceived insult, we could make some progress. Aside from you, I doubt I know anyone who has never used the N word for Blacks, F or Q word for homosexuals, B word for women, W… B… for illegals swimming across the Rio Grande or any of a host of now banned words to describe someone of a particular race, ethnicity, sex, nationality, religion etc. that offended someone. Words considered acceptable in years past are no longer so. Fine, accept apologizes, consider that inappropriate words may slip from the mouths of people who used them in the past when the culture was different and then move on. Stop looking for reasons to hate and demonize. Start looking for love and common ground. Keep debate civil.


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Do High Taxes and More Rules Hurt Job Growth?

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 25, 2013

According to Danny Westneat in Palm Sunday’s “Seattle Times”, capitalism is thriving in “Seattle with all its taxes and rules and supposedly socialistic groupthink…” He cites as evidence a “new jobs report” that shows “the city’s unemployment rate well below the rest of the state, to one of the lowest for big cities in the U.S.”

Let’s take “rules and socialistic groupthink” first. Two examples, the selected extension of metered on street parking to 8PM plus a sharp increase in rates and the requirement for businesses with a certain number of employees to grant paid sick leave. I seriously doubt companies like Boeing, Nordstrom, Starbucks, or the Port of Seattle or the University of Washington or most high tech or other major entities care about these Seattle Nanny rules. Many stay here and grow here because it is too expensive to move and they are attracted to Seattle by its location, transportation services, educated population and environment. There are some businesses, however, that are seriously affected by rules such as the two mentioned here. Ask the restaurant owner if such rules are taken into account when making decisions to expand, relocate to Seattle or hire more employees, same question for other small businesses.

And the reason for Seattle’s lower than most unemployment is? The answer according to Jon Talton’s column in the “Business” section of Palm Sunday’s “Seattle Times” – Amazon.

Oh, about high Seattle taxes. Yes, the city council is constantly looking for ways to increase revenue by new or higher taxes and fees but so far, at least for the big boys, they have not overcome the advantages of locating at the hub of economic activity in the state. There is also one other major competitive advantage to doing business in Washington State that was touted by Governor Chris Gregoire when she was encouraging companies to move here, no income tax.

Nice try Danny but there is a tipping point and Seattle may be close to it. Mr Talton notes that Amazon, like Boeing, could suffer a reversal of fortune. Should that happen we would wish Seattle had a more friendly business climate. Danny could be the last one to turn out the lights.

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And They’re Off to 2016!

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 22, 2013

It was quite just after November 6th. There were wounds to lick, time needed for the shock to abate, Fox pundits to be fired but not for long. Stirrings of Campaign 2016 soon were in the air.

Mitt and Ann showed their faces on TV. Rand pitched a filibuster. John and Lindsay didn’t like it. Jeb wrote a book, so did Sarah. Chris raised some bucks. Bobby gave advice. Paul offered his budget, again. Yes folks, the White House strain of Potomac Fever is on the loose. The D version is still muted although some think Hillary never fully recovered from a previous infection and Joe was born with it. The R version, however, is already wide spread. Besides Rand, Jeb, Chris, Bobby and Paul, there’s another Paul, two Johns, Mike and Marco and lest we forget, the stars from 2011-12 Republican debates, Rick, Michele, Newt and the 9-9-9 pizza guy. If the War on Women is over, we might even see, Susanna of New Mexico, Kelly of New Hampshire or Nikki of South Carolina. If wining the Black vote is the goal, Dr. Ben might be the outside choice. The Republican debates could have more people on the stage than in the audience.

If nothing is done to thin this crowd down to a few who could actually win, the GOP will repeat the circular firing squad of the last presidential race. The first Republican debate was on May 5, 2011 followed by over twenty more running well into 2012 yet the nominee, much bloodied by the contests, was not firmly decided until a few weeks before the National Convention. Fortunately, something will be done. Read the report announced by Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus, “Growth & Opportunity Project” also known as the “Republican Autopsy.” Pay particular attention to the section titled, “Primary Process” which covers recommendations to streamline and control the debates and primaries. No debates until after September 1, 2015, limit the number of debates at ten to twelve, announce schedule in 2014 or early 2015, hold the national convention in June are some of the ideas.

Reform decisions need to be made now, not just for the 2016 presidential race but also the 2014 congressional battles. Reversing eight years of Obamanism depends on it.

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Sequester Posts on Facebook

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 4, 2013

Posted on Facebook by a Lefty friend:

“How many REPUBLICANS does it take to change a light bulb?
None—They’d rather sit in the dark and BLAME IT ON OBAMA.”

Normally I ignore Lefty’s rants but occasionally this stuff has to be refuted:

“Warren Peterson: Rather than flying around the country (How much does that cost?) screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” maybe Obama should sit with congressional leaders in a locked room and knock heads until a compromise is found. That would be leadership but unfortunately he’s no Reagan or Lyndon Johnson.”

Lefty responded:

“There is no compromise with people who refuse to even discuss their owners’ steadfast determination to keep extracting every possible penny from the economy for their own personal use, country be damned.”

Fortunately, I have some support from a friend of both Lefty and me. She posted:

“Or could Obama be saying, “country be damned” for the sake of his socialistic agenda and his desire to destroy the Republican Party. Oh, and he is such a great “compromiser.” I don’t see that he cares what happens to the country. He just wants to tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend. Hilarious that he keeps saying that he wants to help the middle class. By the way, last time I checked, he and his cronies are still blaming Bush. Warren, you left out Clinton–wish he were back! At least he had experience with governing, reaching across the aisle, and preparing a budget–that’s the thing that this country hasn’t had for 4 years!! That has never happened before.”

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