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Free Speech

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 31, 2013

I get emails from time to time from a hard-core leftist friend of mine who never misses a chance to castigating Republicans. His rants are usually so far over the top that I don’t bother to respond but now and then I do.

He said:

I See Your Good Olde Boys are Still at it

I responded:

Republicans don’t have a monopoly on stupid comments. See

Alabama Legislator’s Email

But then the Alabama legislator is black and a Democrat so he gets a pass even though he refused to apologize. I could cite numerous examples of vitriol from the Left assaulting Republicans, Conservatives, Christians and anyone daring to challenge them. Maybe if both sides would stop this tit-for-tat, “gothcha,” knee jerk reaction to every real or perceived insult, we could make some progress. Aside from you, I doubt I know anyone who has never used the N word for Blacks, F or Q word for homosexuals, B word for women, W… B… for illegals swimming across the Rio Grande or any of a host of now banned words to describe someone of a particular race, ethnicity, sex, nationality, religion etc. that offended someone. Words considered acceptable in years past are no longer so. Fine, accept apologizes, consider that inappropriate words may slip from the mouths of people who used them in the past when the culture was different and then move on. Stop looking for reasons to hate and demonize. Start looking for love and common ground. Keep debate civil.


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