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Why Gun Control Will Never Work.

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 24, 2013

Thank you Wes for this one.

Ammunition Is Getting Scarce

This morning I lucked out and was able to buy several cases of ammo. On the way home I stopped at the gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde was filling up her car at the next pump.

She looked at the ammo in the back of my SUV and said in a very sexy voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, big boy”. “Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?”

I thought a few seconds and asked, “what kinda ammo ya got?”


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The Media Bombs the Boston Bombings

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 22, 2013

The “race to be first” reporting on the Boston bombings by the media was appalling. One example, CNN, in a breathless exclusive, reported an early arrest only to walk the story back later in the day but not before other media from Fox to the Associated Press also ran the story. The 24/7 media has been criticized for their performance but Scott Stantis of the Chicago Tribune said it best with what has to be the editorial page cartoon of the year.

But even worse was the rampant speculation and politicization surrounding the event. It was said, the perpetrators were most likely right wing Tea Party types angry with the government so they set off bombs on Patriots Day in Boston. The gun rights folks were also to blame. One commentator on Salon, an on line news site, even tweeted “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white guy.” He was concerned that if it were a person of color or a Muslim, it would set back the liberal agenda. Just look at a dozen plus examples from media opinion leaders including the aforementioned Salon tweeter : 12 ridiculous cases of media bias after boston bombing

Social media, (tweets, Facebook, blogs) also burned up the web with inflammatory rumors, opinions and misinformation that did nothing to inform the public, falsely maligned innocent people and may have hindered the investigation.

It may be difficult to cover a story like the Boston bombings 24/7 without slipping into speculation or skipping Journalism 101 source verification but that is no excuse for the performance failures, both hard news reporting and opinion commentators. For the consumers of social media, a large dose of skepticism is in order. As the song from Porgy & Bess says, slightly rephrased, “The things that you’re fed on the web ain’t necessarily so.”

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Senator Tim Sheldon & the Senate Majority

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 8, 2013

A magnitude off the charts political earthquake shook Olympia before the start of the 2013 session of the state legislature. Two Democrat state senators, Rodney Tom (D-48th District) and Tim Sheldon (D-35th District) announced they were joining the 23 Republican senators to form a “majority coalition caucus” of 25 giving them control of the State Senate with Tom the new Senate Majority Leader. Needless to say, Democrats were not happy.

The Seattle/King County media has covered Senator Tom extensively but less is known about Senator Sheldon. That gap has been considerably closed with Nina Shapiro’s excellent article, “What Kind of Democrat…” in the April 3-9, 2013 Seattle Weekly (cover page “Sleeping with the Elephants”). Shapiro profiles both senators but tells readers a great deal about Senator Sheldon. No country bumpkin, Ivy League educated with a UW MBA, he charts his own course. In many respects, he is the quintessential legislator for those fed up with partisan wrangling. To read the article, click HERE

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Obama Apologizes for Speaking the Truth

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 7, 2013

At a California fundraiser, President Obama called the Golden State’s Attorney General Kamala Harris brilliant, dedicated and tough. But then his inner Bill Clinton added, she’s also “the best looking attorney general in the country.” Back home in D.C., he called Ms. Harris and apologized for stating the obvious. In politically correct land, one does not publicly complement a woman on her looks even if every man there (well almost every man, it is California after all) thinks she’s hot. This prohibition mainly applies to women in politics and business but not so much in the media and entertainment arenas. Yet one study claims that Republican women in politics tend to be more attractive than their Democrat compatriots. And as to the media, Austin Cunningham’s song, “The Girls on Fox News,” pretty much says it all.

It is an issue for discussion – how can a woman be respected for her brainpower regardless of her physical appearance? Obama at least kicked off days of talk radio and pundit ink keeping those folks employed but in light of the problems piling up on his desk, less time at fundraisers and more contemplation on the meaning of leadership seems in order.

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