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Obama Apologizes for Speaking the Truth

Posted by Warren Peterson on April 7, 2013

At a California fundraiser, President Obama called the Golden State’s Attorney General Kamala Harris brilliant, dedicated and tough. But then his inner Bill Clinton added, she’s also “the best looking attorney general in the country.” Back home in D.C., he called Ms. Harris and apologized for stating the obvious. In politically correct land, one does not publicly complement a woman on her looks even if every man there (well almost every man, it is California after all) thinks she’s hot. This prohibition mainly applies to women in politics and business but not so much in the media and entertainment arenas. Yet one study claims that Republican women in politics tend to be more attractive than their Democrat compatriots. And as to the media, Austin Cunningham’s song, “The Girls on Fox News,” pretty much says it all.

It is an issue for discussion – how can a woman be respected for her brainpower regardless of her physical appearance? Obama at least kicked off days of talk radio and pundit ink keeping those folks employed but in light of the problems piling up on his desk, less time at fundraisers and more contemplation on the meaning of leadership seems in order.


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