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August 6, 2013 Primary Endorsements

Posted by Warren Peterson on July 20, 2013

Only races with three or more candidates will appear on the Primary ballot. If only two candidates have filed, they will appear on the General Election ballot. All offices are officially non-partisan but most of the candidates come from the far left of political center, some could be worse than others.

King County:

Proposition No. 1 – Parks Levy – Vote Parks Yes it renews a prior levy but any way you look at it, it will increase taxes but opposing parks is akin to opposing apple pie and motherhood. At least parks are a core job of the government. VOTE YES.

Executive – Dow Constantine has done a good job in his first term. VOTE FOR Constantine

Council District #1 – Incumbent Rod Dembowski Dembowski for Council is a leftist Democrat appointed to the council when Bob Ferguson was elected Attorney General. His only viable opponent is another leftist, a second generation Korean, Naomi Wilson Wilson for Council Left either way but Dembowski has the edge. VOTE FOR Dembowski

Council District #9 – Reagan Dunn Dunn for Council lost the race for Attorney General despite being the better-qualified candidate. He paid the price for running under the Republican banner. VOTE FOR Dunn

Port of Seattle:

Commissioner Position No. 1 – Incumbent Stephanie Bowman, Bowman for Commissioner was appointed to the port commission when Rob Holland resigned. She is opposed by Michael Wolfe Wolfe for Commissioner and Libertarian Andrew Pilloud. Bowman has heavy endorsements from labor unions and Democrats. Wolfe garnered heavy support from Democrats. Flip a coin, peas out of the same pod. VOTE FOR Bowman or Wolfe

City of Seattle:

Mayor – Take a good look at Charlie Staadecker; Staadecker for Mayor especially look at his Sx Pillars describing what he will do as Mayor. He is not a current or former member of the City Council, a state senator or mayor but he has sterling credentials for the job and would be a breath of fresh air sorely needed in Seattle politics. VOTE FOR Staadecker

City Council Position #1 – Incumbent Richard Conlin Conlin for Council Far better qualified than any of his two opponents. VOTE FOR Conlin

City Council Position #8 – Incumbent Mike O’Brien O’Brien for Council is joined at the hip with Mayor McGinn so if you don’t like the mayor consider Albert Shen Shen for Council Even if you do like the mayor, consider Albert Shen. VOTE FOR Shen


3 Responses to “August 6, 2013 Primary Endorsements”

  1. I’m really curious why you think I’m the socialist candidate in the “Commissioner Position No. 1” race. First off, all the candidates you’ve listed are running for position 3. Secondly, I’m the only candidate opposed to the $15 minimum wage increase and in favor of moving the port off of the taxpayer subsidy. Finally, I was endorsed by the King County Republican party. You should really try harder with your facts.

    • Warren Peterson said


      Steve Beren properly called me to task on Sound Politics for mislabeling you and I apologize. I have revised both posts. I confused you with a socialist candidate for city council. I could blame the late hour I prepared the endorsements but there is no excuse for not checking sources.


  2. steveberen said

    In addition to being wrong on the Parks Levy, you are wrong in all your recommendations except for your endorsement of Reagan Dunn. All of the other candidates you list are liberal Democrats.

    Promoting liberal Democrats does not advance the cause of conservatism, it does not advance liberty, and it does not advance important conservative issues such as the right to life, Second Amendment, repealing Obamacare, property rights, lower taxes, promoting economic growth, and reduced government spending. Rather, it gives false positive credentials to the endorsed Democrats, who can then falsely claim to be moderate, referring to their endorsement by “even some Republicans.” The Democratic Party is an obstacle to liberty, and boosting the career stepping stones of Democratic candidates is harmful and counter-productive.

    There are a small number of Republican candidates in the Seattle-King County area, including conservative Republican Alan Lobdell for King County Executive and libertarian Republican Andrew Pilloud for Port of Seattle Commissioner position #3.

    To support even a flawed or longshot Republican candidate is to advance the conservative political party – the GOP (though imperfect) is the best political vehicle to advance liberty. To support any Democratic candidate is to boost the politicians, elected officials, and organization of the Democratic Party, which among political organizations is the most important obstacle to liberty.

    To support an individual candidate like Constantine or Conlin or Shen or Bowman or Wolfe or Demobowski amounts to boosting the career stepping stones of Democratic candidates, and is therefore harmful and counter-productive.

    In the case of Republican Pilloud, a libertarian Republican who is running against two leftist Democrats, the error is particularly glaring. Wolfe and Bowman are two peas in a pod; Pilloud is far superior to either one.

    For all citizens of King County, in races where all candidates are from the anti-liberty Democratic Party, certainly the only choice is either don’t vote – or write in the name of a conservative Republican as a protest against the Democratic Party and the progressive establishment.

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