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The Obama Doctrine

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 15, 2013

Many thanks to Bob Bodensteiner who coined the following:

The Obama Doctrine

Peace through Platitudes

(May it go viral.)


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Syria Mess, Bush’s Fault?

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 13, 2013

The chief flack for the Left, James Carville, set the table and President Obama served the meal. Yes folks, the Syria mess is Bush’s fault. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. It’s enough to make one wish George W. Bush was still Commander and Chief. Just think.

If W drew a red line on Syrian use of weapons of mass destruction (poison gas counts) and threatened swift and massive retaliation if they crossed it, Assad’s regime would think more than twice before using them.

Would you rather have French-speaking John F. Kerry negotiating with the Russians from a position of weakness or Bush’s Russian speaking Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice going one on one with Putin? She would not have to worry about President Bush pulling the rug out from under her. They would be on the same policy page. One almost feels sorry for Kerry when his strong call for action is immediately contradicted by a faint of heart President Obama.

A popular bumper sticker shows a picture of G. W. Bush with the words, “Miss me yet?” Yes!

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Syria and Changing One’s Opinion

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 6, 2013

A former co-worker sent the below e-mail. Rather than comment on it or the articles he recommended, I decided to just pass it on verbatim. I read both the article from the “Atlantic” magazine and the one titled, “The Backfire Effect.” They are both interesting, thought provoking and in this age of Internet information overload, just a little bit scary. Take the time to read them, “you will not regret it.”

Friends and Family,

This article seems straightforward, thorough, and objective. It was written by William R. Polk, introduced and annotated by James Fallows. Both these gentlemen are Democrats, both fairly liberal, HOWEVER (before my conservative friends automatically hit the [reject] button), both men have a long history of reasonable discourse, both have impeccable credentials (knowledge and experience) concerning the middle east, and both are opposed to Obama’s stated objective of attacking Syrian government facilities.

The article provides an array of background to the current situation — historical, religious, geopolitical, even climactic. The questions asked are the right ones, and the answers display a clarity and logic that I find unassailable. I sincerely wish all our US Congressmen and Senators would read this, especially the knee-jerk war-hawks. That’s unlikely, I know…and even if they did read it, their preconceptions and convictions would likely only grow stronger and more ingrained (read about the Backfire Effect, as described by David McRaney, ).

But you, gentle readers, if you currently support Obama’s adventuristic aims on Syria, perhaps, with sufficient logical argument, you could be persuaded to change an opinion…right? Or maybe you are already convinced that any attack on Syria at this point would be an excursion into Hell, but would like some supporting data/info. Either way, please find the time to read this article. I promise, you will not regret it.


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