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2013 General Election Recomendations

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 20, 2013

What factors are considered in making a recommendation?

1. I know the candidate or have heard him or her speak in public
2. Opinion of knowledgeable friends
3. Endorsed by law enforcement
4. Endorsed by Republican groups or and/or individuals
5. Left wing endorsements
6. Record
7. Business or other non political or non judicial experience
8. Statement in Voter’s Pamphlet
8. A coin

Only contested races are listed. Under our “Top Two” primary, only two candidates advance to the General Election. Judges, however, who get over 50% of the primary vote are considered elected with no general election.

I took some flak from my conservative friends for my primary election recommendations of some Democrats. I only did this in races where election of a Democrat was a near certainty. If we have to have a D in office, at least they should be qualified.

For this November’s election, I plan to follow the same methodology but add a suggested “No Vote” (NV) as a form of protest. In any race where the total vote is significantly less (more than the normal drop off of voters from the top of the ballot to lesser contests) than the total number of voters (turnout), it indicates dissatisfaction with the choices

Seattle Mayor

Bicycle Mike McGinn vs State Senator Ed Murray – Murray would probably be an improvement but flip a coin or NV on this race.

Seattle City Council

Position #2 pits incumbent Richard Conlin against a wacko Socialist. Vote for Conlin

Previous Recommendation:

Position #4 – Incumbent Sally Bagshaw vs Sam Bellomio who says his occupation is Vice-President of StandUP America, known for holding “Burn the Koran” events. I’m no fan of radical Islam but I also don’t think it’s smart to poke a wasp nest. Vote for Bagshaw.

Revised Recommendation:

Position # 4 – Incumbent Sally Bagshaw vs SAM BELLOMIO.

There appears to be several organizations calling themselves some version of Stand Up America. Terry Jones, famous for public burning of the Quran, founded one of them. Sam Bellomio, running for City Council against Sally Bagshaw is active in StandUp-America, which calls for protests at public meetings like the city council against what they see as corruption, but they do not burn anything. I apologize for the error. While I can agree with much of their concerns, I’m not sure Sam could make the transition from protester to responsible public official. Nevertheless, maybe the solid left nine-member council could use an alternate voice. It is that bad in Seattle.

Change from Vote Bagshaw to Vote for Bellomio.

Position #6 – Incumbent Nick Licata vs another wacko Socialist. Nick is on the left as is the rest of the Council but please draw the line at putting a Socialist on the Council. Vote for Nicata.

Position #8 – Incumbent Mike O’Brien vs Albert Shen. If you like Mayor McGinn, O’Brien is your man. Don’t like McGinn, then Shen is the choice. NV is also appropriate.

Seattle School Board

Director District #4 – Suzanne Dale Estey vs. Sue Peters. No incumbents in this race. Estey is a Democrat but Peters has ties to Green Party activists such as Sally Soriano who voters booted off the Board in 2007. Peters also opposes charter schools. Vote for Suzanne Estey

Director District #5 – Vote for Stephan Blanford

King County Executive

Dow Constantine vs Alan E. Lobdell. Dow is the better qualified but a NV would also be appropriate.

King County Council

District #1 – Either NV or Dembowski

District #5 – Andy Massagli vs Dave Upthegrove. Sorry Seattle Times, got to go with Massagli on this one.

District #9 – Vote for Reagan Dunn

Seattle Port Commissioner

Position #1 – Incumbent John Creighton vs Pete Lewis. Endorsed by “Wish he was Governor” Rob McKenna and former Mayor Greg Nickels and the Seattle Times, Vote for Pete Lewis.

Position #2 – Appointed to the Commission and now running for a full term, Courtney Gregoire (daughter of the former governor) is opposed by Socialist John Naubert. Vote for Gregoire

Position #3 – No incumbent. Stephanie Bowman vs. Michael Wolfe. Give the edge to Bowman. Vote for Stephanie Bowman.

Position #4 – Incumbent Tom Albro is opposed by perennial candidate Richard Pope. Vote for Tom Albro.

State Issues

Initiative Measure No. 517 on changes to law regarding initiatives and referendum may be trying to do too much in one initiative. Some good points like increased time to get signatures but concerns about where signatures gatherers may solicit and do we really need to make harassment of a signature gatherer a specific crime? Vote No.

Initiative Measure No. 522 concerning labeling of genetically engineered food. Overreaching, a get rich opportunity for trial lawyers, Vote No.

Advisory Votes

Per a Tim Eyman initiative that requires a non-binding vote on any state legislative act that raises taxes and a report listing how each legislator voted on the act.

There are five items, numbers 3,4,5,6 and 7 all of which passed the legislature by large majorities. Essentially meaningless other than potential issues in races for the House and Senate. Vote “Maintained” on numbers 3,4,5 and 6 but “Repealed” on number 7 concerning increased death taxes.

King County Charter Amendment No. 1 regarding public defenders. This amendment is required as a result of a court case that made public defenders King County employees. Vote Yes.

King County Proposition No. 1 – Continues property tax funded Emergency Medical Services (911) system. Vote approved.

Proposed Seattle Charter amendment No. 19 would create seven council districts and two at large districts. Spread council representation throughout the city. Vote Yes

Seattle Proposition No. 1 – Public financing of campaigns for city offices. This politician’s dip into the public treasury to pay part of candidates’ campaign expenses is funded by increasing property taxes. It has been tried before with little if any benefit or improvement to the election process. It certainly is far down if not off the priority list for expenditure of tax dollars. Vote No.


2 Responses to “2013 General Election Recomendations”

  1. DoResearch said
    This is on their signs and on Sam Bellomio’s website… he is not a Karon burning wacko. Read the site to understand!

  2. steveberen said

    From Sam Bellomio’s campaign website (

    “[T]he US Army is no longer serving the interest of the society- but rather the interest of business….

    “Sam Bellomio did attend Occupy Seattle for many weeks in late 2011. The cries of the community were felt all around the country, and even around the world. These cries for help fell on deaf ears at the city government and Mr. Bellomio decided to StandUP for the citizens and find out what could be done. Mr. Bellomio helped to facilitate the ‘Demands group’ to identify what issues the thousands of people attending the occupation wanted. In the end there were 38 pages that documented the issues most citizens were concerned with. Sadly, no council member, not even the Mayor, were there to address any of these issues….”

    Also, from Bellomio’s website at, here are his answers to a questionnaire from the 46th LD Democrats:

    “[Q] What are the top THREE messages in your campaign?

    [A] Community empowerment
    Stop Government abuse of tax dollars
    Provide more money to community services that benefit the poor and not the rich….”

    Also, from Bellomio’s website at, here are his answers to a questionnaire from Planned Parenthood:

    “[Q] Do you support a woman’s right to choose the abortion method that she and her physician deem safest for her individual health and needs?
    [A] YES….

    “[Q] Do you support a woman’s right to choose abortion and oppose legislation that creates separate legal rights for fetuses, distinct from those of the pregnant woman?
    [A] YES
    [Q] Do you oppose restrictions on public funding for abortion and vote to uphold the principles outlined in RCW 9.02.160?

    “[A] YES….
    [Q] Do you support a requirement that all insurance plans that are regulated by the State of Washington that offer maternity care coverage also offer insurance coverage for abortion care?
    [A] YES

    “[Q] Do you support marriage equality for LGBT couples?
    [A] YES….”

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