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Friends, Democrats and Free Speech

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 17, 2015

I have several friends on Facebook and e-mail that live in the fantasy world of liberal politics. Usually I don’t respond to their comments except for some of their more egregious ones. They are fond of highlighting Republican nut cases but never mention the ones on the Left. They disparage all Republicans as evil at worst or stupid at best. They rant against Fox News but quote the Daily Kos, the snarky Rachel Maddow and the rest of MSNBC’s hosts as gospel truth. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are saints while Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell and the rest of the Republicans want to push old ladies in a wheel chair off a cliff (in an actual ad from the 2012 campaign), take away Social Security (offer private options), limit women’s health care (read abortion, even partial birth abortion) , raise taxes on the poor (any GOP tax reform proposal), make students pay (including student loans), destroy the environment (consider economic impacts), support endless war (leave a security force in Iraq), demean illegal  immigrants (secure the boarders first), to be controlled by the rich (there are no rich Democrats?) etc. Summarized in, “It’s all Bush’s fault.” If Republicans are so stupid and brazen, it is a wonder they swept the 2014 elections; with a Republican U.S. Senate and House, control of a large majority of state legislative bodies (59 of 98) and 31 of 50 governorship’s.

The Democrat party with its allies among the far left interest groups and the media are conducting a coordinated and continuous campaign of vilification and personal destruction against Republicans and conservative media. It shows in the talking points of Democrat leaders and reporting on left leaning media. If a Republican candidate emerges as a potential nominee for high office or a Republican office holder proposes legislation, watch for the immediate personal attack and the repeated Democrat mantras about those evil Republicans.

Does it work? There are signs it does not.  In the 2014 elections in the Blue State of Washington, a very wealthy California liberal poured millions of dollars into several state senate races in an effort to keep Republicans from achieving control of the Washington State Senate and stymieing the leftist proposals of the Democrat governor. The one conservative Democrat and several Republican targets all won and the state senate is now in Republican hands. Nevertheless, a lie repeated constantly sometimes morphs into perceived fact. The story that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction is a case in point.

I don’t expect these words to change my lefty friend’s minds but I do demand the 1st Amendment right to express an opinion without being called an uneducated bigot just because I don’t agree with their world view.


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