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Republican Senator’s Treason?

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 13, 2015

47 Republican Senators commit treason! Oh please, get serious. If their open letter to Iran is treason then so is Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria that undermined U.S. policy to isolate Assad. As is “Baghdad“ Jim McDermott’s travels to Iraq just when the U.S. was pressuring Saddam to allow unrestricted inspections for WMDs. Then there were numerous Democrat members of Congress falling all over themselves going to Nicaragua supporting the, dare I use the word, Communist government over the U.S. favored rebels. Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, John Kerry and others of their ilk never shied away from publicly criticizing Republican president’s foreign policy, and yes, it is not unheard of to have Republicans return the favor when a Democrat holds the White House. It’s politics folks so object all you want but tone down the rhetoric.


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Friends, Democrats and Free Speech

Posted by Warren Peterson on February 17, 2015

I have several friends on Facebook and e-mail that live in the fantasy world of liberal politics. Usually I don’t respond to their comments except for some of their more egregious ones. They are fond of highlighting Republican nut cases but never mention the ones on the Left. They disparage all Republicans as evil at worst or stupid at best. They rant against Fox News but quote the Daily Kos, the snarky Rachel Maddow and the rest of MSNBC’s hosts as gospel truth. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are saints while Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell and the rest of the Republicans want to push old ladies in a wheel chair off a cliff (in an actual ad from the 2012 campaign), take away Social Security (offer private options), limit women’s health care (read abortion, even partial birth abortion) , raise taxes on the poor (any GOP tax reform proposal), make students pay (including student loans), destroy the environment (consider economic impacts), support endless war (leave a security force in Iraq), demean illegal  immigrants (secure the boarders first), to be controlled by the rich (there are no rich Democrats?) etc. Summarized in, “It’s all Bush’s fault.” If Republicans are so stupid and brazen, it is a wonder they swept the 2014 elections; with a Republican U.S. Senate and House, control of a large majority of state legislative bodies (59 of 98) and 31 of 50 governorship’s.

The Democrat party with its allies among the far left interest groups and the media are conducting a coordinated and continuous campaign of vilification and personal destruction against Republicans and conservative media. It shows in the talking points of Democrat leaders and reporting on left leaning media. If a Republican candidate emerges as a potential nominee for high office or a Republican office holder proposes legislation, watch for the immediate personal attack and the repeated Democrat mantras about those evil Republicans.

Does it work? There are signs it does not.  In the 2014 elections in the Blue State of Washington, a very wealthy California liberal poured millions of dollars into several state senate races in an effort to keep Republicans from achieving control of the Washington State Senate and stymieing the leftist proposals of the Democrat governor. The one conservative Democrat and several Republican targets all won and the state senate is now in Republican hands. Nevertheless, a lie repeated constantly sometimes morphs into perceived fact. The story that Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction is a case in point.

I don’t expect these words to change my lefty friend’s minds but I do demand the 1st Amendment right to express an opinion without being called an uneducated bigot just because I don’t agree with their world view.

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2014 Elections Wave

Posted by Warren Peterson on November 7, 2014

SUE-NAM-EE! – Also known as one big mother of a wave. In politics it looks like this:

U.S. Senate – Republicans held 45 seats in the Senate on November 3, 2014. The next day, Election Day, they added 7 members taking control of the Senate with a 52 – 48 majority. That number will likely grow to 54 once the Louisiana runoff election on December 6 is over and the Alaska vote is finally tallied November 19th.

U.S. House of Representatives – Already in the majority, the GOP added at least 13 more in a historic sweep. Results in over a dozen races are yet to be finalized but Republicans are expected to win several of them. Democrats managed to win only one Republican held seat.

Governors – Republicans lost just one incumbent (Pennsylvania) but picked up 4 including Blue states of Illinois, Massachusetts and Maryland. Two races are undecided. Vermont will remain in the Democrat column. In Alaska, the incumbent Republican governor currently trails a Republican turned Independent challenger who was endorsed by Sarah Palin. The net gain of 3 gives Republicans 31 (32 counting Alaska) out or 50 governors.

State Legislatures – Republican victories in Senate, House and governor elections showed how wide the wave was but the state legislative races demonstrated the depth. As reported in the International Business Times

“In this week’s election Democrats lost their majorities in legislative chambers in Washington, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York and West Virginia. In all, NCSL reports that there are 67 legislative chambers controlled by Republicans and just 29 controlled by Democrats. Republicans gained seats in every region, adding up to 375 seats to their column. That gives the GOP more than 4,100 of the country’s 7,383 legislative seats.”

Now the way Tsunamis work is the first wave is followed by a second one.

Bring on 2016.

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Obama Owns It

Posted by Warren Peterson on August 10, 2014

Colin Powell was right when he said, “If you break it you own it.” We could have an endless discussion on whether or not we should have broken Saddam’s Iraq. (I think it was the right decision with poor planning on controlling the result.) However, when our current Commander-in-Chief took office in 2009, he inherited from President Bush a relatively stable Iraq. It still needed a residual coalition force (Yes, Bush went to Congress and the UN asking for support to remove Saddam plus he put together a coalition of nations to do the job.) to protect and further stabilize Iraq. Unfortunately, President Obama fulfilled one campaign promise and pulled out of Iraq lock, stock and barrel. We are seeing the result of his decision now and Obama owns it.

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It’s Obama’s Fault This Time

Posted by Warren Peterson on June 16, 2014

George W. Bush was rightly faulted for not anticipating the chaos that followed the fall of Saddam. He invaded Iraq with enough military force to overwhelm the Iraqi army but not enough to maintain order until a new government could be established. The result was a bloody campaign to regain the upper hand. It concluded with a gutsy decision by Bush to insert more troops (the Surge) which successfully turned the tide in our favor. With the presidential election in 2008, he turned over to Obama a country that still had a chance to seed democracy in the Middle East but it needed support and yes, pressure on the Iraq government and leadership from the United States.

Obama, probably the most inexperienced presidential candidate ever elected, took office in 2009 based on public frustration with Bush, soaring rhetoric (…”this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”), and a litany of promises that mostly turned out to be empty of truth. One of the promises he did keep was ending American involvement in Iraq. The last American troops left Iraq in mid December 2011. Iraq was on its own; no US air power, no US ground forces, no residual US military period. Obama failed to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement, assuming he ever seriously wanted one, to allow some level of US military to remain in Iraq as a stabilizing force and deterrent to exactly what is happening now. He’s repeating his mistake in Afghanistan by telling the Taliban when we are departing and leaving an inadequate force in country insufficient to stabilize or deter. The Taliban cannot help but notice how quickly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria insurgents took advantage of the power vacuum resulting from the end of US involvement in Iraq. One cannot say a continued military presence in Iraq would solve all issues but it could have checked the current crisis.

Obama’s leftist ideology and inexperience will snatch defeat from victory and possibly lead to a regional war. Shiite Iran is making noises about helping fellow Shiites in Iraq defeat the ISIS. Imagine, the potential nuclear armed enemy of the United States pulling our bacon so to speak out of the fire. Could anyone mishandle this crisis more than Obama? Maybe he will break out some of his famous “red lines” or have Michelle start a hashtag campaign, #Iraq for Iraqis – more “leading from behind.” 

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Transparency in Congress

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 25, 2014

I am not a supporter of Rand Paul for president but his short speech on the floor of the United States Senate should be required viewing for all voters regardless of political party. Congress could raise its dismal approval ratings just by eliminating the hypocrisy called out in this You Tube video.

To view the video, click: HERE

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A Must Read Book

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 14, 2014

Just finished Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s book, “Things That Matter -Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics” which has been on the New York Times best seller list for weeks. He graduated from McGill University in Canada and went on to Oxford but left to attend Harvard Medical School. Despite becoming a wheel chair bound quadriplegic from a diving accident, he obtained his MD degree in psychiatry and may well have made medicine his career but in a series of “pure blind luck” events he left medicine for writing, including a stint as a speech writer for Vice President Walter Mondale. Today, a liberal Democrat turned conservative, Dr. Krauthammer pens a weekly syndicated column for the Washington Post and appears frequently on Fox news. His book is a compilation of columns and essays he authored running from the eighties through 2013. Regardless of your own political leanings. you will find him entertaining, challenging and on solid intellectual ground. “Things That Matter’ is a must read.

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Texas Holdem – Putin vs President ….

Posted by Warren Peterson on March 3, 2014

Obama: Putin has aces in the hole with two aces showing on the flop. As the last two cards are dealt, Obama, with nothing, bluffs. Putin takes the pot.

Reagan: Putin has kings in the hole with two kings and two aces showing. Reagan goes all in. Valdimir folds.

Know your opponent.

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Solving the ObamaCare Fiasco

Posted by Warren Peterson on October 23, 2013

Short of those living in a survivalist cave in Idaho, everyone is aware that the launch of ObamaCare has been less than sterling. The question is what to do about it?

Set the scene, a nationally televised Obama news conference to announce the President’s solution. The TV broadcast opens with the cameras peering down a long red-carpeted hallway in the White House. After a pause of anticipation, the far doors open and President Obama strides confidently toward the golden dais. After surveying the assembled press corps and checking the teleprompter, he starts his comments.

“Thank you. As you know the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has not gone as smoothly as I expected. No one is madder than me that a Canadian contractor with a record of failures screwed up my website. This combined with the 16 day Republican shutdown of the government negated the four years we had to develop a workable system.

In search of a solution to this crisis before next year’s election, I believe a bipartisan plan is needed so I have decided to go with a suggestion from a Republican blogger in Seattle. I am today appointing a person with a reputation as a problem solver, knowledgeable about providing health care and honest to a fault to head a Save My Health Care Commission. A man who needs no introduction, the savior of the Salt Lake Winter Olympics, the grandfather of ObamaCare, former Massachusetts’s governor, Mitt Romney.

Mitt’s task will be to conduct a performance audit and draft legislation to fix my health care plan. Congress will have to make a no amendments, up or down vote on the legislation. I want it on my desk by December 25, 2013 and I will sign it.

The beauty of this plan is if the Romney reforms work, I can take the credit. If they fail, I’ll blame the Republicans.

I’ll refer any questions to Governor Romney. Meanwhile, I have to go. Joe Biden and I have a tee time.”

President Obama turns off the teleprompter, steps off the golden dais and walks back down the red-carpeted hallway once again above the fray, leading from behind.

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Syria Mess, Bush’s Fault?

Posted by Warren Peterson on September 13, 2013

The chief flack for the Left, James Carville, set the table and President Obama served the meal. Yes folks, the Syria mess is Bush’s fault. Nothing is ever Obama’s fault. It’s enough to make one wish George W. Bush was still Commander and Chief. Just think.

If W drew a red line on Syrian use of weapons of mass destruction (poison gas counts) and threatened swift and massive retaliation if they crossed it, Assad’s regime would think more than twice before using them.

Would you rather have French-speaking John F. Kerry negotiating with the Russians from a position of weakness or Bush’s Russian speaking Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice going one on one with Putin? She would not have to worry about President Bush pulling the rug out from under her. They would be on the same policy page. One almost feels sorry for Kerry when his strong call for action is immediately contradicted by a faint of heart President Obama.

A popular bumper sticker shows a picture of G. W. Bush with the words, “Miss me yet?” Yes!

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